Karma Waters: Hoi An Culture Tour: Biking, Organic Farming, & Vegan Cooking

Hoi An Culture Tour: Biking, Organic Farming, & Vegan Cooking

Hoi An, Vietnam

Karma Waters

Non-profit organization

7 hours
From$100 USDper person

Karma Waters is a nonprofit organization recognized as a leading responsible tour operator providing substantial local community and environmental benefits while operating two restaurant locations in Central Vietnam.

Tour Highlights

  • Participate in a unique, hands-on organic farming and cooking experience in Vietnam and help cultivate a healthy lifestyle for rural at-risk families.
  • Enjoy a scenic bike ride towards a 200-year-old village farm where you will make your own mark in sustainable farming by harvesting organic vegetables.
  • Join a cooking class and unlock the secrets to preparing delicious Vietnamese vegan dishes and savor the flavor of your own prepared meal.

Tour revenue will be directly invested in providing free vegan meals, clothes, toys, and medical bill assistance for at-risk citizens in local hospitals and their families.

Tour Details

  • Frequency

    Any day by appointment

  • Start Time

    8 AM

  • Duration

    7 hours

  • Good For

    Adults, Children, Families, Youth, Professionals

  • Languages


  • Weather

    Tour will be cancelled or postponed in case of inclement weather

  • Tour Participants

    1 to 6

  • Difficulty

    Easy (short walking distances, low or no physical effort)

  • Clothing & Equipment

    Towel, Floppy hat, Sunscreen lotion

Tour Description

Become one with nature on this unique guided tour! What's more, this special 2-part tour will be your best opportunity to learn Vietnamese secrets for living a healthy vegan lifestyle!

First, become an adventurous bike rider as you enjoy a scenic bike tour to an organic farming village where you'll have the chance to learn how to farm organic food. Then, join a cooking class and help prepare delicious vegan dishes! The final treat of the day comes when you get to indulge in your own special vegan creation.

Full itinerary:
Take a 3-km scenic bike trip through rice paddy fields to visit a historic 200-year-old organic vegetable farm in Tra Que village. The fields between Karma Waters and Tra Que are part of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Cu Lao Cham - Hoi An. Along the path of this educational trip, keep your eyes peeled for various migrating birds, especially egrets near fish ponds. Observe that some of these fish ponds are used to produce fertilizer in growing organic vegetables here. You will also notice some cows and may have a chance to ride upon a friendly water buffalo. Nearing the village, see a wide variety of organic vegetables growing as well as flowers and other organic produce.

Once you reach the farm, you will be taught the basics of organic vegetable gardening by local Vietnamese farmers while you learn the tricks of the trade, firsthand. Immerse yourself in a unique hands-on organic farming experience cultivating the soil, planting and tendering various organic vegetable seeds and plantlets, and gathering organic vegetables. Make your own mark in sustainable farming - harvest some vegetables used in preparing vegan cooking class dishes at Karma Waters. In fact, Karma Waters actually purchases some of their organic produce from Tra Que.

Afterward, you may choose to return to Karma Waters by 11:30 AM to participate in the second part of this exciting tour: the vegan cooking class! In this class, you will prepare and cook your choice of three vegan dishes as taught by your own personal vegan chef.

With Karma Waters Vegan Cooking Classes, you will gain plenty of knowledge and culinary experience from expert vegan chefs who can teach you how to cook Vietnamese, Indian, and international cuisines.The Karma Waters philosophy is to promote and provide a healthy organic vegan diet, which significantly reduces your pollution footprint, as a major personal step towards living a more sustainable lifestyle! In fact, they have successfully influenced some of their non-vegan customers to convert to veganism.

In this cooking class, there are no hidden ingredients or methods; the only "secret" is to put love into everything you do! To participate, you will first choose vegan dishes you'd like to prepare. Karma Waters' specialties are Pho noodles soup, spicy vegetables with rice crackers, Hoi An Cao Lau noodles, turmeric pancake spring rolls, and raw summer rolls. Next, you will work alongside your teacher and learn how to cook your meal. Finally, you will savor the flavor of your own creation as you sit down at Karma Waters Restaurant and indulge in your special vegan meal!

6 Visitor Reviews

    MoonieJen ●  Jan 11, 2017

    Lovely place, the food is fantastic here and more importantly, it is safe. The places we have been to in Danang gave us an upset tummy. We had the pho and the spring rolls, which were very yummy. So glad we found this place.

    Ricky R ●  Nov 30, 2016

    Silly title but I had to think of something, mainly because we were looking for another place to eat and passed this little place on our way - and, yes, really couldn't believe it when it said 'Vegan'. And it was. And it was just superb. So much so that we recommended it to some of our meat-frenzied fellow-travelers.

    Stephksk123 ●  Nov 30, 2016

    Had Pho and a veggie burger. Both were amazing! Best Pho I had. And the tofu was so good, wish everywhere did tofu like theirs. I'll forever be chasing that flavour! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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Tour Start Address

213 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Hoi An, Vietnam

How To Get There

By taxi, bicycle, walk

More About Karma Waters


To grow veganism through a cooperative structure and sustainable community development.

Main Programs

  • Providing free vegan meals for people in need in hospitals in central Vietnam

  • Providing vegan lunches to the underpriviledged

  • Providing support clothing, toys, and vegan food to ethnic minority children and families in Quang Nam Province