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The Nest Foundation

Los Angeles, United States

The Nest Foundation

Non-profit organization

  • Human Rights
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Nest Foundation was founded in 2004 by Libby Spears while she was directing PLAYGROUND: The Child Sex Trade in America and later on works directly with communities across America, leading change makers and young people they can foster to a world that is safe for every child.


To educate the youth, engage the public, assist victims, and comprehensively advance the movement to end all forms of child sexual exploitation, including sex trafficking, starting in the United States.

Main Programs

  • Youth Education - empowering youth with the language, skills and resources they need to protect themselves and their peers from sexual exploitation and trafficking. The lessons teach students how to be smart and safe both online and off so that they can read the signs of exploitation or act as ethical bystanders if they notice something isn’t right around them.

  • Community Engagement - creating awareness that leads to support for shelters and laws that protect all children. We’ve screened PLAYGROUND in homes and community centers, on campuses and Capitol Hill, and as part of training workshops for first responders. These events have enabled many productive collaborations and supported legislative action.

  • Victim Assistance Fund - providing financial assistance to victims of trafficking in crisis situations.

  • Shelter Find - an initiative that works to compile a database of shelters open to minors who have been sexually exploited and trafficked.