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Barzani Charity Foundation

Washington, United States

Barzani Charity Foundation

Non-profit organization

  • Education
  • Health
  • Economic Empowerment
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The Barzani Chrity Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political, nonprofit organization that strives to improve the lives and opportunities of people with special needs.


To provide assistance to people in need, including internally displaced people and refugees.

Main Programs

  • Providing assistance to all sections of Kurdistan society including the host community, refugees, and IDPs.

  • Providing access to healthcare that fits the needs and size of the growing population of the Kurdistan region.

  • Providing hot meals and staple foods to people in need, refugees, and IDPs.

  • Managing refugee and IDP camps. Many camps have been set up in the recent years to accommodate the large and growing number of refugees and IDPs in the Kurdistan Region. Through its skilled and experienced staff, the BCF undertakes the management of a number of these camps.