Entanda: Uganda Discovery Tour: Live Like a Local

Uganda Discovery Tour: Live Like a Local

Kijjude Village, Uganda


Social Enterprise

12 hours
From$100 USDPer person

Entanda is a community-based enterprise working to better living conditions in underserved communities in Uganda through tourism.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover Ugandan hunting, leisure, and cooking traditions while helping provide villagers with organic farming, environmental conservation, and business management training, in addition to clean water and improved health services.
  • See wild animals and scenic landscapes up-close on a traditional African safari.
  • Prepare and enjoy delicious chicken luwombo, a classic Ugandan dish wrapped and cooked in banana leaves.

Tour revenue helps provide clean water, quality healthcare, scholastic materials, and practical skills training to the local community.

Tour Details

  • Frequency

    Any day by appointment

  • Start Time

    7 am

  • Duration

    12 hours

  • Good For

    Adults, Families, People with disabilities

  • Languages


  • Tour Participants

    1 to 10

  • Difficulty

    Medium (2-5 miles/ 3-8 km walking distance, some physical effort)

  • Clothing & Equipment

    Hat, Hiking boots, Light shirt, Rain gear

  • Volunteer Opportunities


Tour Description

Join Entanda for an incredible cultural experience you can enjoy without regrets! After arriving in Kijjude Village, men and women will be divided into two groups for a day of traditional Ugandan activities. The men will grab spears, nets, and other equipment and set off on a traditional hunt, accompanied by dogs to help trace the scent of wild animals. Both the hunting team and other visitors will pass through the picturesque valleys, forests, and hills as they track the animals. The hunting experience is exciting but does not involve killing any wild animals. Instead, on this expedition you will have the opportunity to see some majestic animals up-close and learn great African hunting techniques.

The women, meanwhile, will learn how to prepare delicious chicken luwombo and other traditional delicacies. After, they will “visit the bush” to discuss bedroom secrets. The women will also play popular community games like tree swinging, rope skipping, netball, and ssekitulege participate in an arrow-shooting competition.

Later, everyone will come back together to enjoy a freshly prepared hot meal. Food will be served in a traditional way using an open-air dining environment. Visitors will also get to try fresh organic fruits including sour sop, pineapples, sugarcane, pawpaw, guavas, watermelon, mangoes, oranges, jackfruits, passion fruits, avocados, and wild berries. After lunch, the men will head to the bush for an encounter with the Kojjas (elderly uncles) to share traditional bedroom secrets and talk about the roles of men in traditional African families.

Visitors may spend the afternoon cow grazing, gardening, or even playing football with the local community. The winning team will win a goat for roasting or rearing.

Vetted & Visited By

Ribbon ambassador
Solomon Oleny
August 17, 2016

Tour Start Address

Uganda House, Kampala Road, Kijjude Village, Kampala, Uganda

How To Get There

By matatu, boda-boda, or private vehicle.

More About Entanda


To make better use of unprotected wildlife and revive traditional cultures through tourism while earning a decent living.

Main Programs

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Cultural and traditional tourism

  • Free education for local community children

  • Environmental conservation through tree planting

Awards & Recognition

Makerere University Business School
Uganda Wildlife Authority
Uganda Safari Guides Association
Association of Uganda Tour Operators
Uganda Tourism Board
Uganda Tourism Association