Uthando: Cape Town City Tour: Culture and Community Projects

Cape Town City Tour: Culture and Community Projects

Cape Town, South Africa


Non-profit organization

4 hours
From$91 USDPer person

Uthando gives back to its beautiful city by creating and supporting various social projects that benefit the community.

Tour Highlights

  • Embark on a friendly tour through the ins and outs of everyday life in Cape Town, and help bolster its social development through community upliftment.
  • Interact with Cape Town residents by participating in some of the exciting youth, agricultural, and animal care projects currently taking place.
  • Learn about the history and culture of South Africa during a riveting discussion of its political and social history.

Tour revenue is invested in social projects that teach visitors about Cape Town's history and way of life while respecting the dignity of its community members.

Tour Details

  • Frequency

    Monday – Saturday. Tours do not run between December 15 - January 9.

  • Start Time

    8:30 AM

  • Duration

    4 hours

  • Good For

    Adults, Families, Professionals, People with disabilities

  • Languages


  • Tour Participants

    1 to 12

  • Difficulty

    Easy (short walking distances, low or no physical effort)

  • Clothing & Equipment

    To minimise any risk, it is better to leave any unnecessary valuables, like jewelry, wallets with credit cards, expensive mobile phones, etc in the hotel.

  • Volunteer Opportunities


Tour Description

Watch the history and culture of South Africa come to life on the thrilling Uthando Tour program! Engage in an intimate discussion of the nation’s past with people who lived through it. Dive into the legacy of apartheid and other local political, social, economic, and cultural issues that continue to shape South Africa today. A nonprofit focused on community upliftment, Uthando's tours are based around meaningful and interesting community development initiatives. Visit various projects through a fun, personalized agenda while helping raise funds for Uthando's mission. There are a variety of programs to explore, including day care and early childhood learning centers, urban agricultural and environmental programs, youth development and afterschool extracurricular activities, senior citizen and animal care, and many more! Guests have the opportunity to participate in three different community projects on each half day tour. Immerse yourself in the Cape Town community and leave with a travel story unlike any other.

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Erin Faherty
January 25, 2017

2 Visitor Reviews

    BethP92 ●  Jul 19, 2016

    This tour was the best thing I did in my three weeks travel through middle east and africa. It was phenomenal going through the townships and seeing the amazing and inspiring people that try to make the most out of their current situations. This tour was so moving and inspiring. Great tour for children as well. The guide was informative, honest and engaging. We went to a education centre, seeing the children so happy was breathtaking. We also went to a women's skill project with a youth choir and lastly an after school care. This should definitely be a must-do in Cape Town so glad we did this tour.

    Sara J ●  Jun 2, 2016

    South Africa is a country of beauty, history, but also of deep poverty. By touring with Uthando we were able to get a closer look at daily life while also providing support to organizations who battle back against the poverty in Cape Town. It was a moving experience and added important depth and realism to our trip.

How To Get There

Tour package includes pick up and drop off from designated hotel or pick up point.

More About Uthando


To raise funds for and provide other forms of assistance to community development projects in South Africa.

Main Programs

  • Organization of tours for travelers to visit local community-based social projects.

  • Local nonprofit support (fundraising, project management...).