Mosqoy: Peru Farm Tour: Harvest Chacra in Casita Huarán

Peru Farm Tour: Harvest Chacra in Casita Huarán

Cusco, Peru


Social Enterprise

2 days/1 night
From$152 USDper person

Mosqoy is a social enterprise that strives for global sustainability and empowers the rural Quechua populations in Peru’s Andean Mountains by sharing stories of celebration, obstacles, and change.

Tour Highlights

  • Learn how a farm functions and promote a traditional form of agriculture.
  • Enjoy a lunch in Casita Huarán’s great outdoors.
  • Participate in a weaving workshop instructed by a local cooperative.

Revenue is invested in the Quechua local economy and the preservation of traditional forms of art such as textile production and weaving.

Tour Details

  • Frequency

    Any day by appointment

  • Start Time


  • Duration

    2 days/1 night

  • Good For

  • Languages

    English, Spanish

  • Tour Participants

    1 to 9

  • Clothing & Equipment

    Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Sun hat, Rain jacket (just in case!), Comfortable shoes, Drinking water, Your camera (optional), Cash to purchase textiles

  • Volunteer Opportunities


Tour Description

This experience is based in Casita Huarán, a rural farmhouse nestled between the Andean Mountains in the Sacred Valley. You’ll learn about the rural agricultural practices that are essential for Quechua subsistence living, and eat organic meals prepared from ingredients brought directly from the farm. In your spare time, you could pick fruit from the trees and play with the friendly piglets, ducklings, dogs, rabbits, and other farm animals.

.- You will be picked up from Cusco at 9/9:30, and arrive at Casita Huarán around noon. After your arrival, you’ll enjoy the great outdoors over a local lunch and learn all about the chacra, farm. In the afternoon, you’ll get a farm tour guided by a Casita Huarán owner and learn of how the farm life functions.
.- After dinner, you’ll be accommodated in the farm with a double room and a private bathroom.
The following day, you will attend a weaving workshop instructed by Quechua traditional weavers from the MunayUrpi Weaving Cooperative based in Huarán.
.- After lunch, you will head back to Cusco.

Tour price includes:
.- One night´s stay in the beautiful guesthouse, Casa Huaran (private bedroom and bathroom)
.- Private transportation Cusco-Huaran-Cusco
.- Experienced tour guide
.- English-Spanish-Quechua translation services
.- Weaving workshop
.- Fair-trade traditional textile exhibition
.- Organic farm tour
.- 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 outdoor lunch and 1 dinner (all meals will be home-made with natural ingredients from the land)

2 Visitor Reviews

    Sabien Hanoulle ●  Jul 24, 2018

    In the weaving workshop each of us had a “mentor”, teaching us how to make those beautiful designs. They prepared the threads and sat beside us teaching with patience how to do it (which thread up, which one down etc.) In the meanwhile Rocio from Mosqoy talked with the weavers and told us some background information. Sitting on the ground, weaving, as these weavers do all day, we learned how hard it is physically and how one has to stay concentrated to avoid mistakes. To see them weaving is one thing, to do it yourself is another!

    Caleigh Aaders ●  Jun 28, 2018

    Although I was travelling on my own in Peru's sacred valley, at Casita Huaran I was enveloped into a family of guides and hosts and cooks and gardeners. Casita Huaran is gorgeous both inside and out - its organic farm provided for some of my meals, which were mouth-wateringly delicious as well as beautiful. However, Casita Huaran's appeal for me was not only aesthetic, but also cultural: at Casita Huaran, Mosqoy gave me the opportunity to participate in traditional Peruvian weaving. I tried my hand at this art in a weaving workshop and bought textiles directly from weavers themselves. I treasure the memories I made during my stay at Casita Huaran, and I can't imagine a better way to experience Peru.

Tour Start Address

Your hotel, Cusco, Cusco Province, Peru

How To Get There

This tour includes the private transport from visitors´ hotel in Cusco. The journey from Cusco to Huaran takes around 1 hour and a half.

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To empower local communities through international solidarity and networking, sharing stories of celebration, struggle, and strength.