CBCtupay: Cusco Community Tour: Go Fishing & Experience Quechua Culture

Cusco Community Tour: Go Fishing & Experience Quechua Culture

Cusco, Peru


Social Enterprise

2 days/1 night
From$71 USDper person

CBCtupay and Centro Bartolomé de Las Casas aim to foster and promote the study and understanding of the rural Andes and its historical, economic, environmental, and socio-cultural context.

Tour Highlights

  • Learn about the Quechua fishing tradition while helping enrich and preserve the region's culture.
  • Go fishing in Laguna de Huaypo, where you can catch trout and pejerrey that your host family will prepare into a delicious local dish.
  • Spend the night in the home of a local family and immerse yourself in authentic Quechua culture.

Tour revenue will be invested in helping fund CBCtupay’s community-based projects, as well as the nonprofit Centro Bartolomé de Las Casas which supports local Andean communities.

Tour Details

  • Frequency

    Any day by appointment

  • Start Time

    8 AM

  • Duration

    2 days/1 night

  • Good For

    Children, Families, Youth

  • Languages

    Spanish, Quechua

  • Weather

    Tour takes place rain or shine (tour itinerary might be modified in case of inclement weather)

  • Tour Participants

    1 to 10

  • Difficulty

    Easy (short walking distances, low or no physical effort)

  • Clothing & Equipment

    Change of clothes, Camera

  • Volunteer Opportunities


Tour Description

Take a two-day trip to the peasant community of Chacán and live with the families of the "Ñusta Encantada" association to discover Quechua culture. This tour takes you not only to the peasant community but also to Laguna de Huaypo, where the association has built a recreation area on the shores of the lagoon. There, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the area. You can also navigate the lagoon using the small boats of the community. You can fish pejerrey and trout there with a feeling of safety, as the community has everything you might need (lifeguards, emergency kits, and medicine cabinets).

Day 1
08:00 From your hotel, ride a private bus to the community of Chacán.

09:00 Upon your arrival, you will be received by the representatives of the community. You will also be welcomed with a ceremony by the Ñusta Encantada association.

09:30 Meet your host family and visit their home, where you will stay the night.

10:00 Get the equipment for artisanal fishing in the community before the host family and/or the partners of Ñusta Encantada take you to Laguna de Huaypo, where the community boat awaits you.

10:20 Learn how to fish and navigate with oars from representatives of Ñusta Encantada. They’ll take you to the best area for fishing where you will find a great variety of fish. Discover the differences between trout and pejerrey, the two predominant species in the lagoon.

1:00 pm Return to the family home and cook the fish you caught for lunch. You’ll eat the fish with a garnish prepared with local ingredients.

3:00 pm After lunch, you will return to Laguna de Huaypo for the second fishing cycle, so you can improve your technique of throwing the bait. The host family will accompany you and explain to you what kind of fish will bite the bait better at what time of the day. They will also share some ancestral wisdom with you.

5:30 pm Return to the family home, have dinner with your hosts, and spend the night with them.

Day 2
08:00 Enjoy a big breakfast with your hosts.

09:00 After breakfast, you can walk to the Mirador of the community, where you can enjoy an incredible view of the Huaypo Lagoon, the snowy mountains, and the surrounding area. The comuneros will also take you to the "Ñusta Hispána," a carved stone of the Inca culture.

12:00 Return to the house and have lunch with the host family. If there is anything left from yesterday's fish, they will prepare another typical fish dish or you.

1:00 pm After lunch, say your goodbyes to your hosts as you leave Chacán and return to Cusco. You will arrive at your hotel at approximately 14:00.

Please note: small groups (1-2 travelers) will be accommodated by public transport instead of private transport.

Tour Start Address

Cusco, Cusco, Cusco, Peru

How To Get There

You will be picked up from your hotel in Cusco.

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