Asociación Circuito Ecoturístico Lomas de Paraíso VMT: Lima Nature Tour: Hike through the Hills of the Peruvian Coast

Lima Nature Tour: Hike through the Hills of the Peruvian Coast

Villa María del Triunfo, Peru

Asociación Circuito Ecoturístico...

Non-profit organization

3-4 hours
From$286 USDper group

The Asociación Circuito Ecoturístico Lomas de Paraíso VMT is a nonprofit organization that offers tourism services through local volunteers and young people as a way to help preserve the hills of Villa Maria del Triunfo.

Tour Highlights

  • Learn about the variety of flora and fauna that can be found in the hills as well as the famous catchers system, all while supporting environmental conservation initiatives.
  • Enjoy a traditional Peruvian lunch alongside local community members.
  • Take in stunning panoramic views of the Peruvian coast while learning about ancient and contemporary Peruvian culture.

Tour revenue will be invested in conservation and reforestation programs.

Tour Details

  • Frequency

    Saturday - Sunday

  • Start Time

    8:30 AM

  • Duration

    3-4 hours

  • Good For

    Adults, Students, Professionals, Children 8+

  • Languages

    English, Spanish

  • Weather

    Tour will be cancelled or postponed in case of inclement weather

  • Tour Participants

    15 to 100

  • Difficulty

    Medium (2-5 miles/ 3-8 km walking distance, some physical effort)

  • Clothing & Equipment

    Light shirt, Trekking shoes (thick sole to prevent slippage), Hat, Mosquito repellent, Water, Camera

Tour Description

Your trek begins at 9 AM. As you make your way to the first stop you’ll get to see and photograph the variety of species of flora that are in the area. Throughout the walk you can also see a large number of rock formations, some with gigantic dimensions and others presenting similar shapes to some animals or objects.

The first stop is the Flower of Amancaes sign, providing information about the species like the months of flowering, duration of flowering, height, festival importance, and relationship with the beginning of winter.

The second stop gives you an opportunity to see the different variety of flora that live in the hills, such as myth (or wild papaya), tara, black nettle, wild potato, heliotrope, wild caigua, tigridia pavonia, or orchid of Las Lomas.

The third stop you’ll be making is the old spring, one of the most used by the first settlers of the area. You get another chance to see flora and also hear the incredible hypothesis of the disappearance of the spring.

Before you make it to the fourth stop, you’ll see a bear-shaped rock formation, adding to the nature walk experience. You’ll make a fourth stop at an archaeological site providing platforms, animal pens, and stone wells. The guide provides you with details of the culture that settled in that part of Lima and its relation to the hills, emphasizing its importance to the old culture.

With six more stops to go in this nature walk, the fifth is the place where the wild papaya is found.

The sixth stop is known as the break, where you'll have the chance to take in a view of the city from the hills and soak up the area's natural ambiance.

Next, the descent begins. Walk along a flat stretch until you reach the seventh stop, the windmill field. Your guide will teach you about the 3 types of windbreaks, along with their origin, operating system, utility, and performance.

The eighth stop is the wall that was the defensive line of the Pacific War (1879-1883) which pit Chile against Bolivia and Peru and led to the development of the Pacific Ocean, Atacama Desert, and the Peruvian highlands and valleys. This stop explains the relationship between this historic event and the hills of the district of Villa Maria.

The Square Rock, or the ninth stop, is one of the highest viewpoints of the route, giving you an opportunity to take pictures of the rock and the landscape view while also showing you the rock formations of a watchtower and a lizard.

A second descent begins with the tenth stop ahead. In a small cave, you’ll have the chance to see up-close the cave paintings that capture this region's ancient culture, with your guides explaining what is on the wall.

At 1 PM at the community center of the human settlement of Quebrada Alta, enjoy a traditional Peruvian lunch prepared by the neighbors of the area, including a starter, entree, dessert, and juice. During the meal, you’ll be able to interact with the villagers by sharing stories and participating in cross-cultural conversations.

After lunch, return by minivan to the Maria Auxiliadora train station.

Tour Start Address

Asentamiento Humano Edén del Manantial, Sector Paraíso, San Gabriel, Zona de José Carlos Mariátegui, Villa María del Triunfo, Peru

How To Get There

The tour begins at the end of Avenida Paraíso, at the Asentamiento Humano Edén del Manantial, Sector Paraíso, San Gabriel, Zona de José Carlos Mariátegui, distrito de Villa María del Triunfo.

More About Asociación Circuito Ecoturístico Lomas de Paraíso VMT


To promote the conservation and protection of the coastal ecosystem of hills in the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo through sustainable tourism.

Main Programs

  • Promoting ecotourism in the hills of Villa Maria

  • Reforesting the hills with native species such as taras and huarangos

  • Conservation, management, and rehabilitation of fragile ecosystems in the hills of Lima

  • Training and workshops for children and adults in the area on ​​environmental education and care of the hills