KTK-BELT Project: KTK-BELT Project

KTK-BELT Project

Yangshila, Nepal

KTK-BELT Project

Non-profit organization

  • Agriculture

KTK-BELT Project is a platform that enables rural farmers, teachers & youth to conserve local biodiversity and critical habitats through participatory research, design & planning.


To build community-based biodiversity conservation strategies for the eastern region of Nepal.

Main Programs

  • Human Ecology Mapping Project---an environmental conservation by employing human ecology mapping technique to document local biodiversity, forests, and water resources.

  • Capacity Building and Training of youth, farmers, and teachers in permaculture design, conservation, environmental education, GIS, and other technical competencies tol ensure human and institutional capacity can sustain and also scale the project.

  • BELT Corridors, a digital database that will simultaneously complement the development of physical biodiversity education corridors built with ongoing tagging of plant species.

Awards & Recognition

Cornell University
UIAA - International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation
University of California, Davis