Ruach Nashit (Women's Spirit): Israel Women’s Tour: Experience Empowerment

Israel Women’s Tour: Experience Empowerment

Tel Aviv, Israel

Ruach Nashit (Women's Spirit)

Non-profit organization

3 hours
From$62 USDper person

Ruach Nashit, a nonprofit organization, works to assist women who are victims of physical, emotional, economic, and sexual violence to help them develop financial freedom.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover women’s empowerment in Israel while supporting survivors of abuse.
  • Participate in a variety of talks and lectures by educated, empowered women!
  • Learn various means of healthy coping.

Tour revenue will provide support for women including employment and financial literacy.

Tour Details

  • Frequency

    Monday - Thursday

  • Start Time


  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Good For

    Adults, Professionals

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Hebrew

  • Tour Participants

    1 to 30

  • Difficulty

    Easy (short walking distances, low or no physical effort)

Tour Description

Engage in a women's empowerment workshop featuring an inspiring member of Women’s Spirit. Over light refreshments, listen to her story, and learn how this organization assisted her in rebuilding her life. Choose from the following female-centered talks:

The F Word
This is a talk about gender and feminism, how it is relevant to our daily lives as women and men, and the connection between feminism, gender and violence. It also asks visitors to consider how characteristics of Israeli society encourage gender mainstreaming and preserve gender stereotypes.

Violence Against Women and Economic Independence
Violence is more elusive than we think. This talk will address various types of violence and coping with the "day after."

From Professional Dream to Reality
Women who suffer from violence face specific barriers that often make it difficult for them to integrate in the world of employment. The dynamic and changing reality of the labor market and the current state of the economy presents additional challenges. Can occupational ambitions be combined with survival requirements? Is personal-professional fulfillment a privilege for “only the rich”?

Each Journey Starts With a Single Step
How many times have you tried to start/stop/change your behavioral patterns and not succeed? Change is a multi-stage process. Learn what motivates and influences personal and occupational change processes.

Tour Start Address

55 Menachem Began Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

How To Get There

15 mins from Azrieli Train Station

More About Ruach Nashit (Women's Spirit)


To rewrite the stories of women who have survived violence.

Main Programs

  • Seeds of Growth - Gives women survivors of violence practical tools and support to become free of poverty; find employment and become financially independent.

  • Opening Doors - A comprehensive program designed to prepare women survivors of violence for the challenges of financial independence as a basis for developing a self-sustaining life after leaving the Domestic Violence Shelter.

  • Crossing the Street - Works directly with women in care of welfare centers.

  • Spheres of Influence - Women's Spirit's leading Volunteer Project, started in 2007, operating simultaneously with every project of Women's Spirit.

  • Town Square - Weekly group meeting in various locations.

  • Breaking the Bind - Women's Spirit Advocacy/Lobbying project, started in 2015.

Awards & Recognition