Refugee Voices: Virtual Guest Speaker Session
Refugee Voices: Virtual Guest Speaker Session
Host an informative and inspirational speaker while supporting displaced persons worldwide.
1 hour
Participants: Unlimited
New York, New York, United States

What you’ll do

Hear a personal story about life before being displaced, the conflict that forced people to leave home, and the challenges of rebuilding a life in a new community from speakers from the Middle East, Latin America, or Francophone Africa. Each session aims to shift the narrative of fear around migrant communities into an opportunity for empathy. 

You and your team will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear a firsthand story you would never hear otherwise.

Refugee guest speakers (subject to availability): 

  • Faraj Razzouk is in his late 20s and is originally from Salamiyah, Syria. He fled to Lebanon where he studied history. He now lives in Milan, Italy, with his wife, who is also Syrian. He’se  passionate about playing guitar and reading Arabic poetry. Topics Faraj can cover include: introduction to Arabic, history of the Syrian conflict, and rebuilding life after conflict. He has worked with NaTakallam programs at Yale, Tufts, Columbia and more.
  • Marianela Nunez is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela. She was living in Merida, Venezuela, when she decided to move to San Jose, Costa Rica, due to conflict in her home country. Previously, Marianela taught Spanish and owned an adventure tourism agency, she’s also an ecologist and a passionate recycler. Topics Marianela can cover include: introduction to Spanish, history of the Venezuelan conflict, rebuilding life after conflict, and culture and traditions of Venezuela.
  • Hadiya Ahmed is in her 30s and originally from Qamishli, Syria. Due to the conflict in her home country, she fled to Erbil, Iraq, where she lives with her husband and two children. She previously worked as a social worker and studied English literature at university. In her free time, she loves reading novels, playing basketball, and doing Zumba. Topics Hadiya can cover include: introduction to Arabic, impact of the Syrian conflict on women, life in a refugee camp, and Kurdish-Syrian heritage and identity.

How you’ll make an impact

Human Rights
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
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Goal 16 - Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
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This award-winning social enterprise hires refugees as online tutors, teachers, language partners, and translators, providing them with income and a voice when they are, at times, cut off from local economies and often society. Since 2015, rather than being passive recipients to aid, refugees and displaced people have earned over $1 million through their work with this organization.

What to bring

  • Internet access
  • Zoom account

What else you should know

  • Best to book 2 weeks in advance
  • This experience may cover sensitive topics such as immigration, war, and suicide.
  • Please let us know upon booking if you are interested in hearing a specific refugee guest speaker.
  • Up to 75% of the session price goes directly to the conversation partner.
  • This experience will be conducted over Zoom.

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