Lead a Seminar to Teach Students About Communication, Professionalism, & Leadership
Act as career panelists with your team to provide students with valuable knowledge about the professional world against the backdrop of COVID-19, while supporting development programs for young people whose education has been disrupted by the pandemic.
1.5 hours
1 to 20
New York, New York, United States
Best to book 4 weeks in advance

What you’ll do

For this experience, you and your team will work as panelists for a seminar about professional development. Together, you must discuss any number of the following topics for a length of 45 minutes to 1 hour:

  • Communication - All About Emailing
  • Communication - Present Your Best Self
  • Accountability - Managing Time: Yours & Others'
  • Leadership - Where Are You Headed? Vision & Goal-Setting
  • Leadership - Leaders Solve Problems: Conflict Management
  • Leadership - Working Together: Understanding Leadership Styles
  • Leadership - Essentials (Integrity, Empathy, Authenticity, Emotional Intelligence, & Humility)
  • Professionalism at the Workplace
  • Professionalism - I Still See You! Professionalism in a Virtual Setting
  • Professionalism - Setting up Your Brand: Social Media & You

You are free to choose as many topics as you wish, as long as the time frame allows. After the seminar, you will hold a brief Q&A session with the students and answer question they have about your talk.

As you present your topics, please be sure to contextualize your discussion and insights within the current pandemic. The student participants are looking to learn more about the skills that they will need for their future jobs especially because they aren’t getting this information from their in-person school settings.

What else you should know

  • Each part of this experience will happen according to your availability. You must coordinate with the nonprofit upon booking about when you intend to prepare for the event, hold the event, and have a follow up and networking session.
  • This experience will be conducted over Zoom. Before the event you will receive a link for the call. Participants will be encouraged to have their cameras on during the experience.

How you’ll make an impact

Youth Development
Economic Empowerment
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Your contribution allows 10 students to receive professional development training from this organization.

This non-profit helps young people from immigrant families become leaders in the workforce. Through their efforts, they have successfully supported youth participants in learning leadership skills, achieving increased self-efficacy, and obtaining paid internships and job opportunities.

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