Transform Your Lawn into a Sustainable Drought-Tolerant Ecosystem
Discover ways to upgrade your lawn to a sustainable urban ecosystem using natural materials and local resources.
1-2 hours
10 to 50
English, Spanish
San Jose, California, United States
Best to book 5 weeks in advance

What you’ll do

Learn about the importance of a sustainable urban ecosystem and the role our yards play in inviting and nurturing local pollinators. In this workshop, you'll learn about drought-tolerant species that appreciate the California environment and discover design teachings that can be utilized in your own home.

Through this activity, you'll learn the basics of landscape design and the benefits of converting traditional grass lawns to native, drought-tolerant landscapes. These landscapes become a great habitat and food course for local pollinators while promoting healthy soils and filters and retaining waters that enter our groundwater and other waterways.

The activity will proceed as follows:

  • Introduction and Overview of the Nonprofit (15 minutes) 
  • Activity Overview and Demo (30 minutes)
  • Activity Time: Convert Your Mock-Lawn (30 minutes)
  • Conclusion and Wrap-up (15 minutes)

What to bring

  • A printout of the sketch
  • Plant ID cards - digital copies will be provided
  • Circle stencils
  • Color pencils or markers

What else you should know

  • This experience will be conducted over Zoom. Before the event, you will receive a link for the call. Participants must have their cameras on during the experience.
  • This experience is also available at lower price points to accommodate participant groups of up to 15 and 30 people.
  • Participants will need to print out an instruction sheet for added guidance during the activity.
  • Plans of any supplies that the nonprofit needs to provide should be finalized no later than two weeks before the scheduled activity.

How you’ll make an impact

Your contribution will go to resources for unfunded tree planting projects in low-income neighborhoods, disadvantaged communities, or areas with low canopy coverage.

This nonprofit strives to cultivate a green and healthy Silicon Valley by engaging community members in the appreciation, protection, growth, and maintenance of the urban ecosystem, especially the urban forest.

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