Create Care Packages for Kids Impacted by Natural Disasters
Create Care Packages for Kids Impacted by Natural Disasters
Assemble kits full of fun activities and comforting materials for struggling children to make a difference in how they cope with stress and anxiety.
1 hour
Participants: 20 to Unlimited
Pocasset, Massachusetts, United States

What you’ll do

This organization looks out for kids who are impacted by hardships in various ways. For this activity, you'll be helping children struggling due to natural disasters or other housing, health, or safety crises. Children find immense joy through gifts, and you can provide them with a care package that will help them find respite from feelings of anxiety and stress -- two things that people of their age should not have to face.

To give them a boost of hope, you and your co-volunteers will assemble and pack emergency care kits that are filled with fun activities and special items to help create positive memory and comforting moments.

Participants will receive a package containing instructions and components for the kits, which include:

  • An activity mat
  • A 32-page activity book with crayons
  • Socks
  • A toothbrush
  • Hand wipes
  • Fun banners
  • Cards for coloring
  • Stickers
  • A pinwheel
  • Bubbles and more!

All of the care kits will come with a prepaid label and envelope to return to the organization once you're done assembling them. All the packages will be bulk packaged and sent to the children of affected communities.

How you’ll make an impact

Disaster Relief
Children & Families
E web goal 11
Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
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This organization is dedicated to delivering hope to hospitalized children through the distribution of engaging care packages, called Happy Hope Bags. Their signature Happy Hope Bags are filled with colorful, fun, and creative activities that share happiness and joy with children receiving care for chronic and life-threatening illnesses, disabilities, or other health and safety crises.

What else you should know

  • Best to book 2 weeks in advance
  • Volunteers will be asked to provide their address at least 2 weeks in advance of the event so that materials can be shipped to them on time. Companies may provide a list of employee addresses, or the organization can provide an event registration link which employees can use to personally opt in and submit their information. If rush shipping is required, there will be an additional cost.
  • Volunteer addresses are entered into the organization’s shipping software (which is necessary for postage, printing shipping labels, and UPS tracking) and deleted upon completion of the activity, typically within 30 days of the initial shipment. Aside from this, contact information is never shared or sold to any third party at any time. Upon request, materials can be shipped to one central location for distribution if it is preferred not to share volunteers’ individual addresses.
  • This experience will be conducted over Zoom. Before the event you will receive a link for the call. Participants will be encouraged to have their cameras on during the experience.

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