Customized CSR Solutions

Build your global corporate social responsibility program with
With highly vetted team experience led by and benefiting social ventures in over 90 counties, you can engage your offices around the world in a giving back program tailor-made to your needs. Our diverse inventory, back-office suite, and impact reporting make managing your CSR initiatives easier than ever.

Our Approach

Every company has unique values and needs, so we work closely with your team to create a solution that works for you
With our global network of highly vetted nonprofits and social ventures, we quickly build and provide fun and affordable volunteer, team building, and in-office experiences for your teams, wherever and whenever you need them
We custom-build educational programming for your diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives, leadership development, new employee and management training, executive offsites, and more
Our highly customizable technology platform consolidates all your global initiatives in one place, allowing you to manage and control content, automate processes to minimize manual back-and-forth, and generate data reports based on your needs
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