OSA TURTLES: Costa Rica Discovery Tour: Help Protect Sea Turtles

Costa Rica Discovery Tour: Help Protect Sea Turtles

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


Non-profit organization

2 hours
From$57 USDPer person

OSA TURTLES is an Osa Peninsula-based group with a shared interest in protecting endangered sea turtles in the Carate area on the Osa and beyond.

Tour Highlights

  • Spend your morning or evening strolling along serene Carate Beach and help protect the sea turtles living there from extinction.
  • Learn about sea turtles and their nesting habits on a nighttime or daytime ecology walk.
  • Set endangered hatchlings free into the Pacific Ocean.

Tour revenue will be used to pay locals to patrol the beaches year-round, providing an invaluable source of income to the local community.

Tour Details

  • Frequency

    Any day by appointment

  • Start Time

    6 AM (morning tour), 8 PM (evening tour)

  • Duration

    2 hours

  • Good For

    Adults, Families, Professionals, People with disabilities

  • Languages

    English, Spanish

  • Tour Participants

    1 to 10

  • Difficulty

    Hard (over 6 miles/ 9 km walking distance, intense physical effort)

  • Clothing & Equipment

    Hat, Headlamp/ flashlight, Loose, dark clothes that can get messy, comfortable, quick-drying shoes for walking on the beach

  • Volunteer Opportunities


  • This org is new to the travel industry

    Your visit will make an extra impact! Expect off the beaten path conditions.

Tour Description

Start your morning or wind down your evening with an ecology walk along the secluded shores of Carate Beach alongside Corcovado National Park rangers! Gather important information about sea turtle nesting activity and set endangered hatchlings free into the Pacific Ocean. Use special meshes to help protect in situ nests from egg predation as you stroll the beach. You may even have the opportunity to see a nesting loggerhead sea turtle and hatchlings!

1 Visitor Review

    Hannah Royal ●  Sep 30, 2016

    The first dawn patrol that we experienced brought the most beautiful sunrise of oranges and purples over the tops of the palm trees. The macaws flew over head while we patrolled showing their bright colors and saying 'good morning'. While out on the beach one straggler, Olive Ridley hatchling, was on its way to the water as we were passing by its nest. The ability to watch the waves carry a sea turtle hatchling out to sea is an unforgettable moment.

Tour Start Address

Precioa Beach, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

How To Get There

This tour begins at the Playa Preciosa Beach Huts on Precioa Beach, a 15-minute drive from Puerto Jimenez.



To find the necessary resources to protect sea turtles on the Osa Peninsula while raising awareness, educating, and encouraging the participation of communities and institutions in the process.

Main Programs

  • Economic development: Making raw coconut oil involving community members

  • Education about sea turtles in the local community

  • Morning Beach Patrol

  • Night Beach Patrol

Awards & Recognition

Disney Conservation Fund
Georgia Sea Turtle Centre