Movable Ink is committed to a culture of giving back in and outside the workplace, more than a typical company of their size.


The team at Movable Ink was looking to expand the variety of giving back experiences offered to their employees in order to meet their team's diverse interests. It was key that these experiences increase employee participation in social impact activities and enhance the company’s cause culture overall.


Movable Ink partnered with in 2018, giving its teams access to the world’s largest inventory of social impact experiences, all led by and benefiting local nonprofits and social ventures.

Since then, the Movable Ink team has engaged their employees in several impactful experiences on a monthly basis, resulting in steady and increased participation by employees in these initiatives overtime. By the end of 2018 Movable Ink had engaged 198 of their 200 employees in giving back activities using the platform. is now an integral part of their office culture.

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