Moody’s is an international organization with employees in several growing hubs around the world.


The team was looking to reduce the time spent searching for, managing, and executing giving-back activities across their international offices. It was important that they maintain their relationships with key community/nonprofit partners they had been working with already while discovering new nonprofit organizations in the process.

Moody’s wanted to provide all of their 12,000 employees globally with equal access to volunteer and giving back opportunities, no matter where they are located. With a small CSR team based in Europe and NYC, it was hard for them to vet and curate activities for 35 offices around the world.


Moody’s began working with in 2019 to help build out and manage their CSR program globally. With access to our highly curated content and back-office tools, the team at Moody’s saves countless hours and is now able to provide activities to employees in offices that did not receive this service before.
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