All experiences curated by were high quality, with outstanding vetted nonprofits leading the activities....I am left very impressed by’s professionalism and hard work and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Danny Fried
Associate Manager, Colgate Social Responsibility


Colgate-Palmolive is a multinational household and consumer products provider that is trusted by millions around the world to care for their families and homes. It is a priority for the global company to nurture an in-house culture that engages employees in social responsibility, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent quarantines.


Each year, employees at Colgate-Palmolive anticipates the company's annual Colgate Cares Day -- a full day of giving back, through in-person activities, to causes that employees care about. However, because of the physical restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Colgate-Palmolive needed to accommodate a virtual volunteering program for the first time. With only a couple of months to go before their event day, Colgate-Palmolive approached for help in curating remote social impact activities.


Colgate-Palmolive partnered with in 2020 to bring a range of virtual experiences to their employees. The company’s CSR leader Danny Fried says, “[] came back very quickly with a proposal that was affordable and proved that they really understood my needs and expectations after only one introductory meeting.”

On Colgate Cares Day itself, “[] had staff participating in each event to ensure they all went smoothly -- which they all did!” Participants enjoyed “a great range of projects that appealed to a diverse group of Colgate employees: from letter writing projects for the introverts, to mock interview practice sessions with disabled people for our extroverts, to at-home assembly of activity kits for hospitalized children for our employees to do with their families.”

Strengthening the partnership:

The first ever virtual Colgate Cares Day received such great feedback from employees, that the company’s leadership is considering scaling it to its 34,000 employees around the world in 2021. “With in my back pocket, we can certainly pull it off” says Danny.

In the meantime, the partnership is focused on ongoing employee engagement, with an upcoming Virtual Holiday Service Event, where employees and their families will be assembling care kits for hospitalized children during COVID.

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