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You’ve got to go to Togo

togo africa

Although Togo is one of the smallest countries in Africa, it is still referred to as the “land of small miracles” to some and to others “miniature Africa”. And this isn’t because of stuff it’s lacking, but rather what it’s packing.

Why Togo?

togo africa beaches

                                                              Visit Togo for its’ sandy white beaches.

In Togo you can find beaches, on the Gulf of Guinea, lined with coconut and palm trees. The perfect picturesque location for those looking for relaxation and a unique opportunity. In addition to this, the topography has a little of everything. From personable small hilltop villages to the savannas up north.

Although tourism is scarce in this nation, it’s openly available in Lome, the capital of Togo. As the case with many small foreign nations, it’s important to follow safety measures while vacationing in Togo. Only travel through areas controlled by security to optimize your own safety.

Discover African Voodoo in Lomé

african voodoo market

                                        Learn about African Voodoo at the Akodessewa Fetish Market.

In order to fully embrace the nation, it’s best to embark on tours to see the best places.

Start your journey in Lomé the bustling city of Togo.

Lomé is home to museums, markets, boutiques and nightlife as well as the beautiful beach in the Port of Lomé. All these elements make it appealing to tourists, but it is different from your normal trip through markets. Visit the extraordinary Akodessewa Fetish Market, also known as Marche des Feticheurs, which is the largest Voodoo market in the world. Wander around on your own or take a guided tour  to get an inside look into the world of African voodoo. 

Perfect for those looking for medicinal healing or some insight on African voodoo. Here, in the heart of the city you can find a multitude of items for fetishes, charms from leopard heads, elephant feet, or human skulls (Yup, you read that right.)

Voodoo priests use these remains for medicinal purposes and practice the religion of Voodoo without holds. You can find an extensive list of animal remains and their potent stench at the market.

This can be overwhelming for tourists who aren’t used to being exposed to animal sacrifices or the manipulation of the dead. However, it’s definitely a sight worth seeing. This immersion allows you to acknowledge other cultures and compare them to your own.

If you enjoy your experience and are looking to practice the religion, you’re welcome to purchase items at the market to bring home these local treasures and necessities.

Experience the natural beauty of Kpalimé

womé waterfall togo

                                                     Relax at the base of the beautiful Womé Waterfall.

If you’re not looking to come face to face with African voodoo practices just yet, perhaps look into seeing the beautiful lush nature of  Kpalimé. Only about 120km from Lomé, Kpalimé is home to beautiful scenic spots and lively markets.  

Join Voisins Solidaires Togo on a trip through Kpalimé and the jungles beyond. Voisins Solidaires Togo is a non-profit organization that brings visitors on eco tours through the beautiful nature and climate of Kpalimé. Not only will you be able to travel through the mountains but, you’ll be close to the ground at the celestial Womé Waterfall.

This beautiful experience doesn’t come without some work, as the journey to the Womé Waterfall takes about an hour and a half. Sit back and relax in the refreshing water while you admire the lush green jungles around you.

In addition to Kpalimé’s picturesque outdoors, it is known for its crafty artisan village. There,  admire and purchase one-of-a-kind souvenirs, ranging from ceramic pots and carved sculptures, for yourself and loved ones back home.

A visit to Togo provides a diverse culture and large range of opportunities for tourists to explore. Although less traveled, it’s worth the journey to explore the beautiful nature, cities, and lives of the locals in this small country with a big personality.

Not only will you be able to leave Togo with some unique souvenirs but you’ll be able to enrich yourself in a new cultural understanding of this lesser-known West African country.

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