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Unique Destinations That Deserve More Visitors: #2 Swaziland


Did you know that Swaziland is ruled by an absolute monarchy? Officially known as the Kingdom of Swaziland, the country has a history traveling as far back as the stone age. That’s almost 200,000 years of art and culture! Here are some reasons you won’t want to pass up this unique destination.

Why You Want To Go

Traveling to Swaziland is a great opportunity for an impactful travel experience, where your contribution will be noticed here.

Currently, the country is going through a challenging political uproar and a drought-inducing hunger amongst the Swazi people. Their government has been ruled by a king since the 1800’s and despite creating an official constitution in 2006, the Swazi people fail to have any real influence in parliament.

An important organization making a difference in their local community is All Out Africa, a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage people and resources from around the world in the research and action necessary for a sustainable Africa.


What You Won’t Forget

Being immersed in the culture of this unique nation.

One of the immersive activities that All Out Africa hosts, features community empowerment and visitor interaction. Visitors like you can hear the locals’ stories, visit an extensive art gallery, or have a fresh brewed beer with members of the community — all while helping the community achieve self-sufficiency.

What You Need To Do

Book an adventure in Swaziland through! 100% of All Out Africa’s revenue is invested back into the local community in order to enhance their mission of cultural preservation.