5 Reasons You Have To Visit Chiapas in Southern Mexico

things to do in chiapas

In Mexico, instead of venturing out to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta or Cancun this summer, head further south to the state of Chiapas. There, you can relax by a waterfall or river inland. Right by the border of Guatemala, this area has the authentic cultural immersion that serious travelers crave.

Chiapas, Mexico is home to beautiful mountains, pristine waterfalls, ancient ruins, and versatile weather. Moreover, these elements are readily available for visitors. However, one of the most appealing parts of the area is that it is not filled to the brim with tourists. In fact, this region is fairly untouched. As such, it’s perfect for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path Mexico adventure led by locals.

The sight-seeing options in Chiapas are endless. Additionally, transportation is readily and safely available via bus or taxi. The vast countryside welcomes a sense of peace for all people and invites wild animals to call it home.

Chiapas is a great place to see wildlife where they belong…in the wild!

1. Sightsee in Nature — Not At a Zoo

In Chiapas you can find an extenuous amount of animals as it has one of the greatest diversities in wildlife in the hemisphere. In fact, many of the thousands of species there can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

So if you’re in for a unique game of eye-spy— Chiapas has an awesome Cloud Forest ecotour you can join. 

Don’t just visit local zoo’s in your hometown this summer, but walk through nature here in Mexico as you interact with the wildlife from near and far. With over 700 species of birds you’re more than likely to see a variety of these animals flying above your head or perched close by. 

things to do in chiapas

Explore the rivers of Mexico when you go on a boatride in Chiapas.

2. Take a Nature Tour on a Boat Ride

Journey alongside locals on a boat trip down Grijalva River, that floats through the Sumidero Canyon. The boat rides down this river are one of many options for visitors to take in the scenery. Enjoy and embrace the area’s beauty, from the birds to the vegetation of the canyon. Indeed, this trip is a perfect daytime adventure for those looking for ecotourism in Chiapas.

Mexican Chocolate. Need we say more?

3. Get Your Sweet Tooth Satisfied  

A perfect place to quench both your hunger and thirst for something sweet is at Xoco ‘Lattes. While it isn’t anything like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, you will get rather a yummy alternative that you won’t need a golden ticket to get into.

Xoco ‘Lattes is is a community-based cooperative run by local cocoa farmers.

When you sign up for this chocolate tour, the English or Spanish-speaking guides will introduce you to the creative process of cocoa making. Afterwards, take control yourself — grinding up, cooking, and mixing your cocoa with various ingredients to create your own chocolate drink masterpiece.

As you sit in your chocolatey heaven, relax and listen to the local workers tell stories about the intersectional connection of chocolate and culture in Chiapas— emphasizing the fundamental aspect of the cocoa business to the community. Moreover, you will learn about the different types and uses of cocoa as there are waaaay more options to use cocoa for aside from chocolate.


Don’t forget to try the local tacos in Chiapas.

4. Eat Your Heart Out

If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience combined with local cuisine, dine at Restaurante El Secreto in in San Cristóbal de las Casas. From duck tacos to pig feet the local food is traditional with creatively unique dishes. Moreover, the flavors and unique tastes fuse together into original dishes El Secreto takes pride in. In fact, with a mix of modern and traditional mexican food, you’ll find yourself in a foodie’s dream spot.

Located in Casa del Alma, a hotel boutique and spa, there are many options for guests too, in addition to the fine dining. However, this highly acclaimed location is a less local, but a luxurious interim in Chiapas.

Fill up on authentic Mexican food at La Lupa.

5. And Save Room For More

A place definitely worth stopping by for some cheap eats is the locally renown and loved restaurant, La Lupe. It is also in San Cristóbal de las Casas. Here you can enjoy the local Mexican food from Mexico’s classic recipes in large portions. This cheap eats restaurant combined with great and friendly service allows visitors and locals to interact happily at this establishment.

Instead of going with all the other tourists, visit Chiapas and learn about the culture, traditions, and people of southern Mexico.

Chiapas has a multitude of options for tourists to indulge in. The versatile community allows for visitors to get their ideal dream excursions in this one location, from historical sites to local and unique foodie dishes.

Enjoy, embrace, and relax in the traditional Mexican culture. Visit Chiapas on your next trip for something new and memorable.