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Travel for a Cause: Celebrate the Year of Sustainable Tourism

year of sustainable tourism

At, we are passionate about making an impact on the world through sustainable travel. And we’re not alone. In fact, the United Nations named 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

While conscious travelers are eager to impact local communities through sustainable travel, it can be daunting to plan. Furthermore, there are so many incredible destinations and activities to choose from. So, how do we find an experience that is sustainable too? Check out our cause map.

cause map-sustainable tourism

                            Celebrate the year of sustainable tourism with our interactive cause map.

What is the cause map?’s cause map interactively displays tours according to eight popular causes. As a result, travelers can explore the map and find sustainable travel experiences based on causes they are interested in. In fact, there is a cause-based experience for all sorts of travelers. For example, they can promote agricultural sustainability in New York urban gardens or help preserve indigenous culture in Peru.

This is how it works. First, pick a cause. Next, explore the map. Then, find a destination that you have always wanted to visit or an experience that looks interesting. Finally, book your sustainable tour directly on our website. It’s that simple!

Sustainable Tourism for a Cause

Our tours are categorized into eight different causes. Of course, 100% of the revenue reinvested back into the local communities. So, travelers can support the year of sustainable tourism by traveling with! Here are some examples.


Visit a Maryland urban farm with ECO City Farms. First, learn how the farm operates and all about the sustainable practices in place. After, see the crops produced and maybe even sneak a taste! Ultimately, tour revenue supports education outreach programs.

girona animal welfare

                                                        Visit rescued primates in Girona, Spain.


Visit rescued primates in Spain with the MONA Foundation. You’ll have a responsible interaction with wildlife. Meanwhile, the animals benefit in a healthy environment. Additionally, you’ll learn more about the center’s efforts to rehabilitate them. As a result, your trip will help support animal welfare.


Learn how to Salsa dance in Colombia. Head over to Cartagena and experience local culture close up. First, tour the city to learn about the history of salsa dancing. Next, meet up with professional dancers who will teach you the basics. Finally, get the chance to show off your moves in nightclubs around town and help preserve this integral part of Colombian culture.


women empowerment in india

                                             Support women empowerment programs in India.


Economic Empowerment

Empower young women in India with Sambhali Trust. There, you will learn about the women’s rights movement in India. Additionally, you will get a firsthand look at Indian textiles created by women the center serves. Finally, learn about traditional Mendhi designs and get your very own henna design! In the meantime, all revenue goes to empowerment programs and vocational training for these young women.


Learn how to paint in Siem Reap, Cambodia with Small Art School. First, learn the basics and pick your medium. Then, create a beautiful work of your own. As a result, the revenue for this painting class will provide free arts education to local children.


Protect the environment in the Canary Islands with Tivity. Of course, this includes visiting the beautiful island of Tenerife off the Spanish coast. There you can hike through the Anaga Mountains led by a local guide. At the same time, your participation will support biodiversity conservation efforts.

Guatemala water filter factory

                            Learn about the water filtration process at the ECOFILTRO factory.


Explore a water filtration factory in Guatemala with Ecofiltro. First, learn about the various health issues Guatemalan’s face. Then, tour the factory to learn about the water filtration process. In addition, every tour participant’s booking provides one water filter.

Human Rights

Discover the Israeli LGBTQ community. Tour Tel Aviv and the landmarks associated with the gay community. Meanwhile, you’ll be supporting IGY, a local non profit, in their efforts to support and empower local LGBTQ youth.


Pick a cause, book a tour and support the year of sustainable tourism. Book today at!

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