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How the Tourism Industry is Working to Improve Our World

In October 2017, Travel+Social Good published a white paper enumerating the trends and tactics for bringing sustainable travel to the mainstream. TSG is a community of travel professionals committed to improving the world through tourism. Among the changemakers listed is — a leader in technological innovation highlighting social issues through storytelling.’s roster of professional ambassadors film, photograph, and write in-depth reviews about the thousands of tours and activities offered, which they post on their various online channels. Additionally, the host organizations themselves recount their community members’ success stories through’s social media. Moreover, visitors post their testimonials on the tour pages to share their experiences with the world. In telling these stories through technological methods, the causes and good work of each org, as well as the issues affecting the communities, become available to the public.

Trends and Trendsetters

Other trends in sustainable travel include: community-building, urban sustainability, and innovative collaborations. The wide range of approaches to harnessing the power of tourism is indicative of the industry’s influence. Tourism is multi-faceted and therefore has a wealth of opportunities for changemakers to pursue the issue of sustainability.

Alongside are other leaders in the business, including the ride-hailing service Lyft, our friends at the purpose-driven travel agency Myght, and heavy-hitters like Ritz-Carlton. Unfortunately, according to the white paper, it is the concerns of tourists and not the industry as a whole, that is driving the necessity for traveling with an impact.

Challenges and Solutions

Some of the obstacles of the pursuit of mainstream sustainable tourism include the sheer size of the industry (in 2015, the WTO valued tourism at $1.5 trillion), and also the different requirements for sustainability, depending on location.

Ultimately, the tourism industry needs to catch up with the demands of an ever-growing public concerned with their social impact. TSG’s paper recommends that each member of the tourism industry aim to sustain the resources of each destinations culture, environment, and economy. vets each of its partner orgs to ensure that every experience offered respects local customs, preserves their natural resources, and contributes to sustainable livelihood for the residents. For travelers who prioritize sustainability, while also seeking unique, memorable, and fun excursions,’s thousands of travel activities in 80 countries will be among the most impactful available in the industry today.