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Tips for Do-Good Orgs: How to Offer Engaging Activities With Great Impact

The main priority of do-good orgs, such as nonprofits and social enterprises, is to make a lasting impact on their community. In order to do so, they must have a sustainable source of income. So, hundreds of orgs across the globe have partnered with to bring in revenue by offering social impact activities to visitors.

But is it possible for orgs to make sure that the experiences they offer are exciting and engaging for their visitors, while also serving the community? Thankfully, with some creativity, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

We at have come up with a list of two-pronged ideas to make our partner orgs’ activities more inviting as well as impactful.

Art Workshops

Arts and crafts workshops, and any workshop in which a tangible object is produced, is a great way to engage visitors. Having a hands-on experience will allow them to:

  • retain what they learned for much longer
  • make memories with their fellow visitors
  • associate the org with a positive experience
  • be proud of having created something

And while orgs can make the experience special by allowing the guests to walk away with their creation, donating it instead would be even more impactful! For instance, a guest’s painting can be donated to the children’s wing of a local hospital, or to a nearby library. This way, the memorable activity also impacts the community directly.

Cooking Classes

A big part of what makes cooking classes fun is that guests not only get to bring home new recipes and techniques — they also get to enjoy the delicious food! Some ways to add community impact to such a class include:

  • donating surplus food to a local co-op
  • cooking additional food for a nearby homeless shelter
  • inviting community members to partake in the meal

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities such as walking tours or various fitness classes are especially exciting in the warmer months, when people are eager to soak up the sun. While visitors will surely enjoy exploring a new city (or new side of the city) and learning about each host organization and its mission — there are ways to make activities like these beneficial for the local community. One example is to end an urban walking tour with a tree planting. This way, visitors not only get to immerse themselves in the city, they also get to give back to it directly.

Indoor Activities

Sometimes, being outside just isn’t feasible. During those times, orgs and visitors may not want to dig up soil and plant a sapling. Still, there are ways to end various activities with a bang. One simple way is to invite the tour group to a local pub or restaurant that is also a social enterprise whose mission is aligned with the org’s.

At the end of a memorable activity — whether it’s learning meditation or visiting a museum — the guests can unwind in a casual environment, while also topping off their day with added impact.


Increased impact doesn’t have to be limited to increased activities. By giving away meaningful souvenirs to guests, orgs can focus on delivering any sort of engaging activity, while always having a simple token with a cause on hand.

For instance, orgs may offer fabric bags or other sustainable, practical products — each featuring the logo of the org, and for corporate groups, the logo of the company as well. It is something good for the environment, which will also help guests remember the org, its mission, and their time there.


All in all,  experiences are far more engaging when they are hands-on, interactive, or allow guests to walk away with something tangible. But no matter what the activity is, it is always possible to boost its impact, and tie everything back to the org’s main cause.

And for partner orgs who need help coming up with creative ideas, as always, is more than happy to help!