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Tips for Sustainable Travel in Krabi, Thailand

As sustainable travel becomes more popular, you can now easily have a fabulous vacation while supporting the local environment. At one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia — Krabi, Thailand — eco friendly travel is becoming a higher priority for hotels and resorts. So, participating in an environmentally-conscious trip doesn’t have to be so off-the-grid anymore. In fact, sustainable tourism in Thailand can go hand-in-hand with enjoying the best that the region has to offer. Here, we’ve compiled some tips that will help you enjoy the most of your time in the Land of Smiles while making sure that your environmental footprint is as minimal as possible.

Volunteer with a Local Organization

The Lanta Animal Welfare allows visitors to come face to face with some of Krabi’s most vulnerable and adorable creatures; the puppies and kittens that are native to the region. The rescue doubles as an adoption facility and allows visitors to take the animals for walks, socialize with them and get to know some of Krabi’s friendliest and furriest little animals. It’s a way to volunteer to give animals in need some love, while also making your trip fun and meaningful.

You may also consider joining an effort to clean up the beaches or volunteer some of your time teaching local children some English. Even if you decide to spend only a couple hours of your trip volunteering, every bit helps. 

Stay In An Eco-Friendly Hotel

You do not need to sacrifice luxury when staying at an eco-friendly hotel. The Holiday Inn Express Krabi Ao Nang Beach is completely bike-friendly. The first of its kind, this hotel caters to cycling enthusiasts and people who are concerned about keeping their carbon emissions to a minimum. Krabi is a fantastic place to explore by bike, so people who stay at the Holiday Inn Express Krabi Ao Nang Beach will have a unique experience and come away with a fresh perspective on what the island has to offer. Even better, visitors will be able to relax in style after a rousing bike ride in paradise!

Limit Your Plastic Use

One-time-use plastic is a big problem for the planet. You can help limit your plastic waste by using bottles that can be refilled and being conscientious about purchases like plastic straws. If you are only buying one item consider forgoing the plastic bag. Small changes add up big!

Support Local Culture & Business

When in Thailand you should eat like a Thai! There are plenty of small restaurants, shops and businesses where you can enjoy some of the best that the region has to offer for prices that won’t break the bank. One “must-do” Thai experience is visiting one of the local night markets.

Night markets are a glorious display of Thai handiwork, delicious street food and sometimes even amazing music. By immersing yourself in Thai culture you will have an experience that is wholly authentic while supporting people who really need your contributions. It is a win-win for everyone!

Making your travel habits more eco-friendly is simple, wherever you go. By simply putting a little extra thought into your travels you can make a big impact. Visit animals sanctuaries and interact with some furry and friendly creatures. Stay at an eco-friendly hotel and minimize your carbon footprint by exploring the region on your bike! Limit your plastic use by re-using bottles and consider volunteering a little bit of your time to help others.

Above all, make sure that you visit local places and support the economy. By doing these things you can be a good visitor and a welcomed presence in the Land of Smiles!