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What Is Diversity & Inclusion? (And How To Increase It in the Workplace)

According to Engage for Good, two kinds of diversity are valued in corporate culture: 1) identity diversity (race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) and 2) cognitive diversity (knowledge, experience, etc.). And while it might be easy to say that both of these types of diversity are equal to one another, it turns out that identity diversity has a greater impact on…

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5 Ways To Celebrate Volunteer Month At Work

April is Volunteer Month — a chance to acknowledge the volunteers who give their time and effort to support causes, and a chance to get involved in various efforts. With the arrival of Spring also comes more opportunities to be out and about, making April the perfect time to roll your sleeves up and contribute to a cause you already…

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corporate social responsibility, team building activities

5 Reasons Why You Should Maintain A Good Work-Life Balance

Is it possible to give your personal life and work life all the attention they need, without neglecting either? We believe that it is — and that it is essential in getting the most out of both realms. Here are some benefits of maintaining an appropriate level of commitment to both. 1. You are able to have more meaningful experiences…

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This NYC Soup Kitchen Fills Bellies & Hearts

This month, I volunteered at a soup kitchen for the first time ever. It was CHiPS Soup Kitchen, a partner of Visit.org in NYC. Growing up, volunteering in soup kitchens was an extremely popular extracurricular activity amongst NYC’s youth. My friends would go together regularly. And while I would have liked to join them, for some reason, it just never…

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5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement with Corporate Social Responsibility

Business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the need to invest in their corporate social responsibility. These giving back programs have been shown to motivate and engage employees. Forbes.com has noted how Millennials, especially, prioritize working for companies that care about contributing to social good. As this generation begins to takeover the workforce, it is essential that corporations offer CSR programs…

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