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10 Ideas for Budget Travel in Southeast Asia

Budget travel allows people to discover the world without breaking the bank. Especially in destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia where the cost of living is relatively low, travelers will be able to fine quality experiences that are also affordable. We’ve curated a list of tips for budget travel in Southeast Asia, that will help you be economical without skimping…

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Visit Ecuador: A Cheap and Easy Traveling Option for Friends

Oftentimes it’s hard to get a group of friends together or to even agree upon a place to go. Whether that be just for a dinner or a more daunting extravaganza: vacationing together. Picking a place that’s both cheap and convenient for everyone is a tough thing to do. But finding a destination that does just that is not impossible….

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How to Travel on a Budget

So you’re going travelling but you only have limited funds – you want to make these last as long as possible, right? With a little planning and some thrifty thinking you can stretch your finances further allowing you to adventure for longer and experience more. Here are some tips on how to travel on a budget! Budget Travel Tip #1: Choose…

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