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5 Sustainable Souvenirs From Chiang Mai That Support Local Artisans

Traveling sustainably also means buying sustainably. Which is why supporting local craftspeople is one great way to contribute to the community you visit. When traveling in Northern Thailand, keep these sustainable souvenirs from Chiang Mai in mind.

If you are a fan of handcrafted goods, you will be spoilt for choice while shopping at Chiang Mai. This city is known for its magnificent handcrafted goods in all of Thailand. There are factories and workshops all over the place where you can even enjoy watching as the craftsmen do what they do best. Plus, when you purchase fair trade souvenirs created by local craftspeople, you contribute to the local economy and help sustain livelihoods.

Here is a look at some of the best souvenirs from Chiang Mai.



Chiang Mai is the place to find the finest silverware is Wualai Road as it houses the best silversmiths in all of Thailand. Buying silverware, from jewelry to handmade bowls, helps boost the local economy by providing jobs. Moreover, you get to go home with a beautiful treasure in tow.

If you are unable to go to Wualai Road, try visiting the Saturday and Sunday Night market. The sellers not only offer quality pieces, but also give advice on how to take cafe of the silver. One trick is to soak your silver in fresh milk and vinegar for some minutes if you want them to look shiny.

Thai Silk

Thailand silk is one of the most sought-after products in this country. And, most of this silk is manufactured in Chiang Mai! And for your convenience, they’re available multiple designs and colours in most markets. You can get the silk in various forms: clothes, ties, tablecloths, and scarves, among others. To determine if the item you intend to buy is real the silk or counterfeit, hold it against the light. If the colours appear to change, you have real silk. Otherwise, you will know it is a fake. In order to support the local silk industry, which provides for many citizens, don’t buy counterfeit silk.

Wood Carvings

Chiang Mai is known for its exquisite wood carvings, which make good souvenirs from Thailand. You will find many wood carving factories in this area and it would be a good thing to visit them and buy the perfect gift. Here, the artisans will be glad to show you some of their best carvings, like this wood puzzle. Buying this product in particular not only helps support locals but also helps a small Thai orphanage called Baan Dek Dee as SiamMandalay are donating a portion of all sales towards Baan Dek Dee.

If you cannot find time to visit these factories, do not worry as you can still find wood carvings at their markets or the Night Bazaar or a Thailand souvenir shop.

Also, keep in mind that countries like Australia will confiscate wood products at customs. So be sure to know the policy of the airport you’re bringing these items to!

Elephant Figures

The elephant is one of the most known Thai symbols, which is why it will make the perfect souvenir for you or your loved ones to remember your trip. They come in many forms — from paints, to jewelry, and even chocolate! Pro tip: If you’re shopping for souvenirs before your flight, you will easily find these elephant chocolates in Thailand airports to take on your way.

Although elephant-shaped products are a great gift, be sure that you never buy elephant products, such as ivory.

Ceramics and Celadon

Pottery has been practised in Chiang Mai for seven centuries. Some local masters create ceramic masterpieces that are known as Celadon. This product, which is usually handcrafted, has green hues that range from grey-green to turquoise.

Ceramic bowls and statues that feature animals or human caricatures can be found where garden items are stocked. If you love antiques, buy ceramic gifts for your loved ones because they are sure going to appreciate them. This is another great way to support the livelihoods of local artisans.

These are just some of the many souvenirs from Chiang Mai to buy for your loved ones. Thailand is a beautiful country with serene views and rich in art and culture. Make sure you enjoy every second of your stay in this country and buy a souvenir to help you relish the good times you had there, while also supporting the locals.