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How does serve social impact organizations? is the leading online platform for sustainable travel experiences with social impact organizations. With over 600 tours in more than 70 countries, we offer a wide range of social impact experiences. Moreover, our tours work for every type of visitor, from the animal lover to the environmentalist and everyone in between.

Visitors are able to have immersive and authentic travel experiences through However, what do local organizations get from partnering with us? Read on to see some of the ways serves social impact organizations and find out why your org should join us in making an impact.

Who do we partner with?

All of our orgs are do-good organizations. So, they are carefully vetted by the team to ensure they are socially responsible. Consequently, our orgs include NGOs, non-profits, social enterprises and many more all united by their dedication to social impact.

social impact walking tour in Edinburgh

Get an alternative tour of Edinburgh and support those affected by homelessness.

How is different

As opposed to typical voluntourism where visitors donate their time and skills, we are interested in creating a more effective and lasting impact in the community. Visitors pay for a service provided by the orgs, like a surf lesson in South Africa or a street food tour in Vietnam. Orgs receive 100% of the tour asking price which is invested directly into the local community they serve.

Why social impact organizations should join

  • Benefit #1: A Socially Conscious Global Community

Join an international community of social impact organizations and travelers. Accordingly, everyone in this community is committed to social impact and sustainable tourism.

  • Benefit #2: Reach New Audiences

Socially responsible travelers head over to to find sustainable travel experiences. Thus, they will learn about your org generating funds and awareness for your cause.

  • Benefit #3: Support from our international team

Have access to our passionate, international team. No doubt you will work together to create impactful activities sure to align with your mission and attract sustainable travelers interested in social impact.

  • Benefit #4: Beautiful content to support your cause

Work with our team of professional ambassadors. Naturally, because of their expertise, they will help produce content for you. For instance, they can create visual and written work to attract visitors to your sustainable travel experience.

London social impact organizations partner Cultivate London impacts local youth through agricultural training

How It Works

  • First, social impact organizations sign up using online form.
  • Then, they work closely with the team. In addition to helping social impact organizations develop tours, our team ensures that its content will excite visitors and align with their organization’s goals and mission.
  • Finally, sustainable travelers book directly on the site or through our distribution partners like Expedia and Viator.

Check out some of our impactful partner orgs

  • Cultivate London: A nonprofit organization that supports sustainability efforts and trains unemployed youth to work in urban farms across London,
  • Pattanarak Foundation: An NGO dedicated to improving healthcare information and social welfare for disadvantaged rural communities in Thailand,

Join to make an impact today!

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