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Seasonal Travel: Best Trips to Fit Your Adventure Needs

seasonal travel

Every person has a different schedule with work and other various factors that impede their freetime. So, while most families utilize school breaks or the summer for family travel, many other people book trips during other seasons to avoid high season prices and crowds.

If you’re looking for a seasonal travel experience further abroad or closer to home, with cold or warm weather, here are the best kept secret destinations and multi-day trips wants to share with you. 

Experience wine tasting in Moldova with


As the end of another year and the holiday season approaches, winter is a perfect time to get away and spend some quality time with family and friends. So, consider a trip to these countries.

Wine Tasting in Moldova

If you’re looking to travel somewhere cold, a unique destination to relax at is Moldova. A lesser known country, but one that will provide an unforgettable experience. Located between Romania and Ukraine, this small country is home to about 3.5 million people.

With an annual visitor rate at about 1 million, Moldova is a less traveled country. As a result, it is perfect for those looking to experience something different.

If you’ve got a taste for wine, Moldova is perfect for you. Over 124,200 tons of wine are made in Moldova each year. As a result, the country is known for its’ established vineyards and wine production.

Visit the world’s largest wine cellar on the 5 Day Wine Tasting Trail.   Relax and spend four nights in the Castania Cabins for a relaxing and tranquil experience like no other. Experience the beauty and great taste, mystery, and history of multiple wineries in Moldova.

Amazon Trek in Brazil

amazon river tour

                                                     Tour the Amazon River in Brazil on this seasonal trip.

If drinking for five days and exploring wineries in the winter cold isn’t for you, perhaps an adventure through the Amazon rainforest is.

Travel to Brazil, get away from the cold, and stay in the Amazon which is warm year-round. If you have the desire to stay active during your vacation and experience for yourself one of the greatest and longest rivers in the world — this trip is for you.

Discover the Amazon firsthand as you dive daily into the waters. Explore the Amazon on local paths through the forest or float down the river by boat. Experience the beauty of the Amazon wildlife and culture as you adventure through this tour.

Immerse yourself in the daily lives of the local communities. Enjoy tours by local guides on a canoe and bathe in the Amazon river. The hot weather in the Amazon makes this winter getaway that much better.



The spring time is the best time to visit Central America — the sun is warm and it’s right before the rainy season begins. So, these countries are popular places to visit. Staying active for spring break is a great way to get yourself in shape for the summer. Additionally, it’s a perfect alternative to the average spring break trip. Instead of sitting by a beach all day — you can hike to it and enjoy your well earned view and relaxation!

Costa Rica Eco Hike

costa rica ecotourism

                                         Discover ecotourism and the gorgeous Costa Rican landscape.

Take your family on a trip to Costa Rica this spring break and stay active in the comfortable 70°F (21°C) weather.

Adventure through with Cooperna Tours on the 3 day Corcovado hiking tour and immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s nature.

This trip is for those who are looking for a tough, but rewarding, adventure– as each daily hike can range 7 to 9 hours to complete.

However, the expansive beaches, forests, and fauna along the way make the strenuous hike worth it. Costa Rica is known for its’ beautiful natural land. Additionally, it’s home to an exotic and long list of wildlife that you and your family can spot along the way.

Nicaragua Nature Trek

nicaragua hike

                        Trek through Nicaragua and see one of Central America’s tallest volcanoes.

If you’re looking for a slightly easier hiking trip, while still wanting to be active, this hike in Nicaragua is ideal. Through Quetzaltrekkers, you can embark on a journey through the farmlands, jungle, and up to the Volcán Cosigüina’s crater edge. Admire and experience what was once the tallest volcano in Central America.

On this trip, you’ll descend through the jungle and stop in a small town called Potosi. There, you can relax and swim in a natural spring closeby to refresh yourself after your hike down. After, enjoy a lunch with locals and learn more about their culture and experience it as well.

Finally, finish off the 3 day trip at the peaceful Jiquilillo beach. It has beautiful sunsets, long sandy shores, and palm trees for you to relax in the shade. Stay in the Rancho Tranquilo. A fun alternative hostel, it is made up of cabanas and various hammock areas allowing you to have the ultimate relaxation you deserve at the end of this hike.

Stay for as long as you like at the hostel and enjoy the beautiful views of the beach right in front of you.



Summer is one the best seasons of the year for family travel. Instead of going on a generic summer getaway, look outside the box and go to these destinations instead.

Ethical Elephant Experience in Thailand


Thailand elephant experience

                                                             Visit Thailand to see elephants up close.


Venture to Thailand and experience the Doi Inthanon National Park located outside of Chiang Mai Province. The picture perfect national park has the celestial scenery and cool weather that provides a change from one’s hectic everyday life.

On a 3-day journey through the park, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime witnessing elephants in their natural habitat. This tour is an ethical and enjoyable experience for both the visitors and animals.

Additionally, you will learn about the local Karen culture while you live in a homestay. Then, you’ll explore the forest and go to the Mahouts Elephant campsite with a guide. 

Greek Island Hopping

kalamos island greece

Explore the beautiful Greek island of Kalamos.

Another great option for a summer vacation is the Kalamos Island in Greece. An alternative island to visit if you’re island hopping, or looking to go somewhere outside of the usual island getaway locations.

The land and marine wildlife are observable up close. Plus, this less traveled land is perfect for family travel. Snorkel on this day trip in the Ionian Sea and learn about the history, heritage, and people of the island as well.

Enjoy the old-time feel and relaxing vibes this island has to offer. Talk to the locals about their life on the island. This authentic and untouched island is perfect for those looking to explore something special.



When summer Fridays and relaxing under the sun is over, most people struggle with the transition into fall. A great way to relieve this is through vacations, of course. So, check out these seasonal trips that will make all your coworkers envious.

Sardinian Wellness Tour

sardinia wellness tour

Focus on relaxation while discovering the beauty of Sardinia.

Off the coast of Italy is the island of Sardinia, the largest Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. There,  find bright blue water waving off the coast and beautiful hiking trails.

The separation between the island and the mainland allows for old traditions to still be preserved in Sardinia. This makes for an authentic and culturally enhancing trip.  

If you want to spend some time focusing on your mental health and wellbeing, join the Fattoria delle Arti organization on a 5 day trip. Enjoy various activities to benefit your mind and body. Choose from Acroyoga, Chinese medicine, Nordic walking and more. Engage in atypical park attractions like Aerial Acrobatics or walk across a tightrope over a pool.

This 5 day trip is the perfect adventure extravaganza and outdoor experience for those looking to destress and lightly challenge their mind and body as well.

Hike through the Moroccan Mountains

moroccan food

                                 Go on a hike in the mountains of Morocco and enjoy a traditional feast.

If you’re looking to explore nature at it’s fullest and be more physically active, embark on this hiking tour through Morocco. There, you’ll learn about the culture in the Rif Mountains and experience life through the eyes of the locals.

With the Gïte Talassemtane enterprise, you’ll have your breath taken, both literally and figuratively, during this one-of-a-kind hike through the beautiful land of the Rif Mountains and the national park of Talassemtane. Learn to cook  local Moroccan dishes. Then, bring home the recipe and skills after the trip is over.

Experience the incredible natural views and the scenery on your hike and be able to return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

For an immersive travel experience that benefits local communities all year round, book a tour on!