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5 Ways to Combat Ocean Pollution Through Travel

World Oceans Day has been extended! June 2017 is now National Ocean Month, and at we are spending all month celebrating our oceans as well as working towards biodiversity conservation and minimizing ocean pollution through what we do best — sustainable travel!

After the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, taking initiative to personally contribute to protecting our planet is more important than ever.

Why it is Important to Save the Ocean

The ocean covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface and produces over 50% of the world’s oxygen. Besides being a source of recreation and fun, it also contributes to our economy, trade and food industry.

The ocean plays an essential role in our daily lives. Saving it through increasing biodiversity conservation, expanding marine protected areas, and lessening marine pollution means saving lives. So it is crucial that we take measures to protect it.

How Can You Help World Oceans?

Ocean pollution and a number of other human practices are contributing to climate change and destroying world oceans. Thus, making a difference can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Sustainability and eco-consciousness begins as a mindset — so start small.

Do your research. As the ocean plays a large role in many travel plans, informed tourists are opting to choose more sustainable travel experiences to make an impact on the environment.

With, you can be assured that our vetted tours not only benefit the local community, but also are dedicated to restoring the environment. Here’s how you can get involved in their amazing work.

Watch whales to combat ocean pollution in Ireland with Whale Watch West Cork. Photo by eGuide Travel.

1. A Coastal Cruise that Fights Ocean Pollution

The ocean is home to many incredible animals, and learning more about them and where they live is one of the first steps in biodiversity conservation efforts.

While Ireland is known for its rolling green hills, the vibrant blue waters are not to be missed either. Experience some of the natural beauty that Ireland has to offer through’s Whale Watching Tour hosted by Whale Watch West Cork. While sailing along the Irish coast, look out for whales, dolphins and even sharks — and learn more about marine life in the area and the org’s efforts to protect it.

Save the ocean and its sea turtles in Costa Rica with partner OSA Turtles.

2. Save the Ocean’s Endangered Animals

As ocean pollution and exploitation grows, so does the list of endangered marine species. But now travelers have the opportunity to contribute to biodiversity conservation when they participate in impact travel experiences hosted by do-good orgs.

For instance, one can have a safe, animal-friendly encounter with endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica. Join partner OSA Turtles on an ecology walk in which you will learn about the local ecosystem. Afterwards, you get to set baby sea turtles free into the Pacific Ocean. All revenue from the tour is invested in beach patrols and other resources to help protect this endangered species.

Scuba dive in Singapore’s marine protected areas.

3. Dive into the Battle Against Climate Change

Coral reefs around the world are in danger due to climate change and destructive tourism practices. While vibrantly colored reefs are a diver’s paradise, they are becoming harder and harder to find.

If you’re looking to add a sustainable scuba diving spot to your bucket list, visit our partner org Hantu Blog in Singapore. After enjoying a boat ride around the untouched coasts, put your wetsuit on and dive in.

In this marine protected area, you have the chance to see seahorses, crabs, sharks, and sea turtles! Not only will you have an incredible underwater adventure, but diving with this partner will contribute to Singapore’s biodiversity conservation.

Discover the islands of the Mediterranean while contributing to the area’s biodiversity conservation. Photo by Tom Hart.

4. Explore Island Life to Lessen Marine Pollution

The islands of Greece are known for clear blue waters and quaint villages tucked in the sides of cliffs. However, as long as our oceans are under threat, so are these idyllic Mediterranean fixtures.

To learn more about the local environment, go on an Ionian island adventure with partner Terra Sylvestris. Go snorkeling and see how the water impacts the daily life of the island’s inhabitants. Afterwards, explore the gorgeous island. All host revenue goes towards their marine conservation efforts and preserving the beauty of the island.

Drap-Art in Barcelona is one org that fights climate change by promoting the production of upcycled art.

5. Create Something New to Protect the Environment

More of a city person? There are plenty of ways to make an impact from the comforts of an urban hub. Because widespread pollution, regardless where it occurs, increases ocean pollution — one way to make a difference is through recycling.

With partner Drap-Art’s creative workshops in Barcelona, visitors can create masterpieces with plastic bags and other recycled materials. Not only will you walk away with a one-of-a-kind creation, all revenue is used by the organization to reduce waste and protect the environment.

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