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Tips for Traveling with Friends

international day of friendship

July 30 is the United Nation’s International Day of Friendship. This day celebrates the importance of friendship and particularly, its ability to build bridges between different communities.

This week is celebrating our friends near and far. We love to share our passion for social impact travel. So, who better to travel, and make an impact, with than your friends?

While this is can be an incredible opportunity to see the world with loved ones by your side, it can also be difficult spending a lot of time with each other and reconciling different personalities and travel styles. But, don’t worry. We have compiled our 5 best tips for traveling with friends. Celebrate International Day of Friendship with a fun and stress-free trip!

Talk it Out

Before you step off the plane, make sure to have a plan. Sit down and talk about your upcoming trip. Everyone has a different travel style, so make sure to account for, and respect that. You might want to stick to a strict itinerary while your friend has more of a go with the flow attitude. Figuring that out before rather than during your trip will prevent frustration and make for smoother trip.

Make a joint list of places you want to visit and what you want to see. This will allow everyone to have a say with planning, and to ensure that all your must-sees will be checked off your lists.

Most importantly, be honest with each other. Talking candidly about your hopes for the trip will decrease the possibility for hostility and make for a more enjoyable trip.

travel with friends

                                         Share adventures, and laughs, when you travel with friends.

Meet in the Middle

Compromise is key when it comes to traveling with friends. You may not agree with everything your friends have to say or what they want to see. But, meet in the middle and choose activities from both of your lists.

Even better, find things to do that include aspects both of you will enjoy. For example, choose a walking tour of a food market. This allows you to see the city while getting to taste some local food- perfect for the foodie and the sightseer. Or, go on a hike to a local village which pairs nature with an authentic, cultural experience.


Take Time for Yourself

While the best part of traveling with friends is spending time together, sometimes a little alone time is needed. Spend a few hours or even a whole day doing your own thing. Splitting up for a bit provides time to recharge, and also the chance to do something your friends might not have been as interested in. Wander around a museum, do some shopping or just relax in a local café. Then, meet up at the end of the day and share your adventures.

international day of friendship

                                                       Celebrate friendship by traveling the world together.

Take Charge for the Day

It’s important to have every member of your group have a say in your itinerary. After you have seen all the big sights, let everyone plan a day. While the activities picked might not be on the top of your list, it’s important to respect your friends and what they want to do. Go into the day with an open mind. And who knows, you might really enjoy what they had planned.


Be Flexible

While sticking to a plan is great, this isn’t always realistic when traveling. Maybe the museum you wanted to see is closed on the day you were planning to visit or you show up to a major sight to find all the tickets are sold out. If that happens, don’t sweat it.

Adapt to bumps in the road and don’t let things going wrong ruin your trip. Sometimes the most memorable times are when you forget your plans and simply wander around, finding all the hidden gems of the city that you might have missed by sticking to the big tourist attractions.

After a trip with friends, you will come home with countless stories to tell and the unique opportunity to have seen the world with them by your side. Celebrate International Day of Friendship and book a travel experience with to go on with a friend today!

international day of friendship

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