How To Be #MoreThanATourist This Summer


This summer, Visit.org is inviting travelers from around the world to share moments when they learned from locals, not through volunteering or service work, but through serendipitous interactions.

Between July 14th and August 4th, head to our Facebook page and tell us about an interaction with locals that made you feel like more than a tourist. The 3 stories with the greatest number of votes will win prizes from our partner organizations and brands like TOMS, Try the World and Shray Skincare.

For the Visit.org community, traveling is about much more than the places you’ll go. The ambassadors and team from Visit.org are on a mission to get each off-the-grid, community-based tourism project and nonprofit activity provider online to bring them the exposure and attention they deserve. We are literally scouting the world for local providers who have a proven track record of positive impact on their community. We are finding organizations that are committed to investing tour revenue in programs that benefit the local community. It’s no coincidence that these providers offer the most authentic travel experiences out there: making your own coffee with a coffee farmer cooperative in Guatemala (while revenue supports 50 local families), or taking a salsa class in NYC (while revenue supports the preservation of Latin culture in the city).

For us, it is about the experiences you’ll have and the people you’ll meet.  This summer we invite travelers who have done more to get to know a place than simply try the local cuisine or visit popular landmarks to join our summer campaign #MoreThanATourist. We are the people who stop to ask locals questions about their culture or family norms. Yes, we are in search of a good thrill and magnificent views. But more than that, we are in search of lasting, memorable human connections.

We have created a community of travelers and explorers that are hungry to meet the world in person. Together, we are changing the way the world travels by seeking out immersive experiences.  We have created a movement of socially conscious travelers by facilitating mutually-beneficial, in-person encounters between people and communities around the world.

As part of the campaign, Visit.org is hosting a story telling competition because, well, stories are meant to be shared. We want to hear about the moments that make jetlag, canceled flights and language barriers all worth it.

This summer, Visit.org invites you to be #MoreThanATourist.