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3 Ways To Help Refugees Despite Trump’s Executive Orders

U.S. President Donald J. Trump has halted refugees, immigrants, and non-immigrants from entering the U.S. from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Fortunately, people in the U.S. and abroad have the power to help contribute to migrant resettlement efforts. Here’s how:

Be Informed

Photo Credit: International Rescue Committee

The first step to getting involved is knowing the facts. Resources from the International Rescue Committee and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees can give you an accurate picture of the issue. In a post-truth era, be sure your sources are reliable.

Get Connected

Photo Credit: Unitaf

Volunteering and donating funds are no longer the only ways to contribute to causes. Now, you can connect with orgs that contribute to a cause through social impact experiences.

Social impact experiences focus on a fun, immersive activities hosted by a do-good org. Unlike volunteer work, you’ll get to learn about and contribute to the cause of your host in just a few hours. Unlike donating funds, you’ll get to have a tangible connection with the org.

To contribute to the refugee crisis, you can visit the following orgs:

  • Unitaf in Tel Aviv, Israel. Revenue from the cultural immersion you attend will support migrant workers, African refugees, and their children by providing them with the basic essentials they need to succeed.
  • Migrantour in Paris, France. Their intercultural walks are led by citizens with migrant backgrounds. When you join, you help them to foster much needed cultural understanding for migrants in cities across Europe.
  • League of Kitchens in New York City, United States. Their workshops are hosted by immigrants hailing from all around the world, and they promote cultural exchange through culinary arts.
  • SINGA in Lyon, France. They host outdoor activities whose revenue helps to better incorporate refugees into society. has all sorts of orgs and causes to choose from. Start connecting today!

Spread the Word

By being informed and connecting with orgs, you will be impacting beneficiaries in need. But you can create an even bigger ripple effect by inviting others to join these social impact experiences!