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How to Heal Yourself and the World through Travel

You might think that healing and traveling are two separate activities that don’t naturally connect. However, these seemingly disparate things come together perfectly. Through travel, people not only have the opportunity to heal themselves, but the world as well.

Travel can heal people personally through liberation and discovery. But it can also heal the world socially through cultural preservation, economic stimulus, and authentic connection.

So, whether you’re looking to heal yourself, the planet, or both, embark on a journey to a different space and time. This not only breaks routine and provides an escape, it also helps put everything in perspective — providing a golden opportunity for healing.

Travel with a Cause   

Sometimes looking outwardly helps to give us perspective on our pain. This is why many people hit the open road in search for healing or answers. True enough, traveling is a beautiful activity in and of itself. However, when it is done with a cause, it becomes even more valuable.

Sustainable travel can be healing because, with one trip, a traveler can get a personal reward while also contributing to society as a whole. With sustainable travel companies like, you can easily get involved in activities that impact local communities.

This means that every activity on the site is unique and memorable — and also benefits a great cause through the host revenue. Travelers can choose from among various causes that include: animals, agriculture, women’s empowerment, education, human rights, environment, and more.

The tours offered on are designed in a way so that they are sure to be impactful, immersive and authentic. has a team of experts from every corner of the world who have one thing in common: passion for experiential, ethical travel.

So, new and seasoned travelers alike will find a variety of activities to choose from in 80 countries, making travel with a cause completely accessible. Which means that healing for a person and the planet, through travel, is accessible to all — and without taking ample amount of time and resources. 

How Travel Can Heal An Individual

Part of the delight of traveling to a new location is meeting new people. With genuine human interaction, people searching for healing have an easier time becoming optimistic about the future and perhaps seeing a new path they hadn’t noticed before.

However, genuine interaction, especially with locals, is not always readily available through popular mass tourism. Travelers must seek out travel organizations that facilitate human connection. With, this is done through organizations supporting the local communities, and offering an itinerary that tourists are invited to join.

From talking to local artisans about their crafts, or having a local tour guide sharing the hidden gems of a certain city — these community-based travel experiences are transformative, not just for the traveler, but for the locals as well.

How Travel Heals the World

Traveling sustainably helps stimulate economic development — meaning that communities in need get access to healing and progress.

The more people visit the local communities in an ethical and responsible way, the more it increases local employment. This includes jobs in various sectors, including: food, accommodation, transportation, and other hospitality needs.

The community-by-community economic development, which also keeps in mind the local traditions and environment, gradually brings healing to the planet. This makes it easy for the locals to trust the visitors whose business aid in this healing. As a result, any kind of burden on the local communities is released, allowing them to focus on leading a great tour, and receiving the benefits of having a worldwide audience.

Take Part in Sustainable Travel Even if You Don’t Think You Need Healing

Whether or not you’re broken-hearted or actively trying to fight for this planet’s needs — you should take part in sustainable travel. Not only does this type of travel open doors for society and individuals to heal, they’re also great fun!

Individuals, couples, families, and even corporate teams can indulge in the meaningful, memorable, fun experiences. On, this can include wine tasting, graffiti tours, dance classes, surf lessons, and island hopping.

So, the next time you plan to travel — for whatever the reason — remember that you can do good for yourself and the planet while also having an awesome time.

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