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Great Gift Ideas for Travelers

Do you have a savvy traveler on your shopping list who’s up for almost any new and exciting adventure? If so, rather than weigh them down with stuff that could gather dust while they’re away from home, why not give them something that helps them pursue their passions wherever they are? Here are a few ideas to get you started.   

For the Do-Gooder

One altruistic travel gift idea is a gift card that gives back. For example, partners with nonprofits around the world to offer travelers unique tours and activities with a cause. Plus, 100% of the revenue from the tours and activities goes back into the community your loved one is visiting. They offer thousands of activities, many of which are budget-friendly. So a gift card gives the gift of travel and of having made a difference in the world.

For the Dog Lover


If the traveler on your shopping list is an outdoor adventurer and dog lover, they probably enjoy taking their canine camping. For those dynamic duos, consider dog-friendly travel gifts like a hands-free leash. It will make hiking easier for human and furry friend alike. Or, invest in a backpack for the hiking hound so they can pull their own weight. Finally, if the traveler in your life has an overseas excursion planned, you might want to pay for professional pet sitting so they know their dog is in good hands while they are away.

For the Grounded Adventurer

Even the most avid adventurers have to take an occasional break. For those times, a great travel gift idea would be to get them a subscription to their favorite travel magazine. It will help them plan future forays. Or, you could invest in an array of travel books. Travel + Leisure magazine suggests selections including true travel tales like Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air and Brian Murphy’s 81 Days Below Zero.

For the Practical Packer

If you need a travel gift idea for someone who lives out of their back, a sturdy set of packing cubes might be the way to go. These fabric cubes save space inside suitcases and back packs, and assist adventurers in staying organized. For help picking the right packing cube — some options include water-resistant sets or cubes made of compression fabric — read reviews and consider your loved one’s travel preferences.  

For the Visual Vacationer

Sure, folks can always snap shots with their cell phones, but some avid travelers might be ready to take their photography to the next level. Fortunately, there are a number of great compact cameras that won’t weigh them down. What’s more, some options offer features such as water resistance or multiple lenses to capture uniquely detailed images.

For the Frequent Flyer

If you know the avid traveler on your gift list patronizes a certain airline on a regular basis, you might consider giving them an airline gift card. These cards have several advantages including flexibility and painless purchasing for the gift buyer. They do have some drawbacks, though, including forcing the gift recipient to buy from a specific airline or perhaps pay some fees — such as checked baggage cost — out of pocket. Another alternative is purchasing a prepaid credit card that your gift recipient can use for any expenses. To encourage your friend or family member to use the catch-all card for travel, stash the card in a cool toiletry kit stocked with travel essentials.  

No matter which travel treat you choose, the recipient will feel appreciated, inspired, and equipped for their next adventure.