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Fashion Culture: Creative Expression All Over the Globe

From remote, indigenous communities to big cities, the crafting of clothes forms an essential part of the identity of a place. To witness just how integral fashion is to a culture, travel somewhere you have never heard of or been to before!

Through Visit.org, you can travel the world by touring organizations who will give you a unique experience, where you’ll be exposed to indigenous people and their fashion culture. You’ll also be able to contribute to preserving their important heritage in an environmentally-friendly way!

Buena Onda – Jewelry Making Workshop

Design your own jewelry in Guatemala
Express your creative side by creating your own piece of bracelets and necklaces with Visit.org partner non-profit Buena Onda in Guatemala. Here, you will work with the women of the community to make items out of recycled and repurposed materials. Taking a cue from the natives of the community, you’re invited to create a piece that represents the culture and history of Guatemala, and your experience there!

Chaussettes Orphelines – Knitting Workshop

Knit from sustainable materials in France
If Central America isn’t your desired destination, perhaps a trip to Europe would suit your artistic side better! Get cozy with fashion designers and seamstresses in Paris with Chaussettes Orphelines. Learn how to knit from these experts and take home your own knit masterpiece made from recycled socks.

Susan’s House – Ceramic and Jewelry

Create ceramic accessories in Israel
Or maybe you would rather take a tour of Susan’s House in Jerusalem, an initiative that manufactures amazing glass-blown and ceramic items. Learn how these beautiful pieces are made by experts, and then try your hand at creating your own! You can also purchase house-made crafts to bring home with you as a reminder of your fabulous fashion experience in Jerusalem.

From the manner of production, to the way it is worn, each of these sustainable fashion pieces is deeply connected to the culture it comes from. There are many different kinds of indigenous fashion all over the world. You can find alternative art tours of all kinds at Visit.org!