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Bogota, Colombia: Discover the City in a Meaningful Way

Bogota, Colombia is in the middle of a very exciting transformation: leaving the past behind, the city is getting ready for a brighter future. To achieve this change, different groups of society are finding new ways to live together and create opportunities for the less fortunate.

Drawing on this transformation, the Pocalana Foundation aims to aid the homeless and help underprivileged children achieve their potential.

Pocalana Foundation’s Mission in Bogota, Colombia

Pocalana is run by about 30 volunteers who spend their free time organizing meaningful activities for homeless people and underprivileged children. These activities include soccer, arts and crafts for kids, help with homework and story-sharing.

Sometimes, these activities lead to very touching moments. Our guide on the city tour, who also works with people living in the streets of Bogota, remembers the moment when a homeless person saw his face in the mirror after getting a free haircut. Without the long hair and beard, it suddenly reminded him of his old self.

Everyone Pocalana serves has their own stories. And most of them have pasts in which they had a family and a job. The volunteers of Pocalana are there to listen and help them realize the possibilities the future holds for them.

Get interactive on Pocalana Foundation’s walking tour.


More than just another walking tour

Pocalana’s volunteers are keen to show visitors Bogota beyond its modern museums and colorful streets. They know it is the people who make this city so special and interesting.

City tour groups of at least four people can explore the city via interactive games, such as selling the products of a street vendor, getting the footprint of a person who lives the furthest from Bogota, or finding the spot in the city where you can have your portrait painted by a local artist.

Groups can also get involved in the foundation’s main objective — and respectfully engage in dialogue with the homeless as part of the city tour.

Our tour experience

As there was only two of us on the tour, we couldn’t try these group activities. However, we visited the city center with our guide. There, we saw some locals perform on the street, including dancers, singers and actors.

Bogota, Colombia’s rich culture will make you fall in love with this underrated city.

We visited some very interesting museums. This included: the Gold Museum, the Botero Museum, the National Money Museum, and even the library. From its top floor, you can enjoy a splendid view of the city.

The tour ended with a typical lunch in one of Bogota’s oldest restaurants.

On this Bogota tour, be sure to try the local food!

Besides seeing the city, we learnt a lot about Pocalana’s important work and about Colombian society.

Be a part of the change

Pocalana is more than happy to welcome new visitors and always has new activities to participate in. Book a half-day Bogota, Colombia tour on

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