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Best Multicultural Cities to Visit

Traveling is one of the best ways to discover the local culture of the place you are visiting. However, with an increasing amount of cultural diversity, the culture of many cities are founded on a mixture of various ethnicities, races and religions.

New York, London and Paris are three incredible cities that attract a large amount of visitors each year. With a multitude of landmarks, museums and things to do a trip to any one of these cities will never be boring. Furthermore, they are also some of the most multicultural cities in the world!

Explore these multicultural cities and have a truly global travel experience. Read on to see what to do and where to eat to have an authentic and multiculturally diverse trip!

New York

new york city

Visit New York, a symbol for cultural diversity.


One of the first stops for immigrants traveling to the United States, New York has always been a melting pot. In fact, over 3 million New York City residents were born in another country. From Chinatown to Little Italy to Harlem, simply walk the New York streets and see representation from nearly every culture imaginable.

  • Where to Go

New York is full of ethnic communities that make it seem like you are miles away in another country rather than in the bustling city. The Lower East Side was home to many immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With a large number of immigrants coming from Eastern Europe, this was the epicenter for Jewish culture in New York.

Visit the Museum at Eldridge Street to see the beautifully restored Eldridge Street Synagogue. One of the first religious houses of worship built in New York, learn about its’ rich history and importance as the center of the Jewish immigrant community. Now in the heart of Chinatown, this site is the perfect example of the never-ending meshing of cultures in New York.

cooking class with immigrants

Join the League of Kitchens for an authentic meal made by immigrants.

  • What to Eat

One of the best ways to learn about different cultures is through food of course! Instead of searching the city for restaurants serving authentic dishes, go to the source itself. Take a cooking class with an immigrant hosted in their home. League of Kitchens allows visitors to cook up a delicious meal traditional to the culture of the chef. Thus, support cultural exchange with a home-cooked meal. What can be better?



Visit London, one of the most multicultural cities in Europe.


London is one of the most multicultural cities in Europe. While the city is home to the Royal Family and rich British traditions, British culture today is far more diverse than that. For instance, over 300 languages are spoken in London today.

  • Where to Go

Jump on the tube and head across the Thames to Brixton. This neighborhood showcases cultural diversity at its best. Home to a large Caribbean community; see the influences on everything from the food to the fashion. As a result, get a little piece of the tropics in rainy London.

brick lane curry

Try a delicious Indian curry on Brick Lane.

  • What to Eat

Traditionally the cuisine in London has not gotten the best reputation. However, the various global dishes found in the city today certainly dispel that reputation. Indian cuisine is a favorite of many Londoners. So, make sure your trip includes a visit to the famous Brick Lane. Home to a large Bangladeshi population, a myriad of delicious curry houses line the street. Stop in one, or a few, and try some authentic dishes!


paris multiculturalismWith its’ large immigrant population, Paris is a truly diverse city.

Paris is a global city, with a variety of different cultures present in each arrondissement. The city has long been a place for foreigners to settle, with nearly 23% of the city’s population migrating there from outside the country. As a result, the large immigrant population creates an epicenter for multiculturalism.

migrantour paris belleville

Tour Belleville with Migrantour Paris.

  • Where to Go

Home to an abundance of different cultures, Belleville truly showcases the multiculturalism of Paris. A historically working class neighborhood, now the area is an example of cultural diversity. Chinese, Vietnamese and North African immigrants, among many others, reside here creating an incredibly global community. To get a better understanding of this area, take a walking tour with Migrantour Paris. Learn about this multicultural haven from locals themselves. And plus, this nonprofit organization is dedicated to supporting migrants in the city!

  • What to Eat

Le Marais, an area in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, is the historic center of the Jewish community in Paris. Today, it’s a cultural hub full with shops, art and museums. However, the Jewish influences are still prevalent- especially with its food.

If you see a long line in the street around lunchtime, it’s probably from L’As du Fallafel. This tiny restaurant serves up delicious and authentic Middle Eastern dishes. And of course, it’s known most for its falafel. So, clear an afternoon to wander around Le Marais and try some traditional, and delicious, food.

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