Travel Gift Ideas

5 Best Gifts for Adventurers

So you have to buy a gift for an adventure traveler. Well, you’re in luck. Getting a gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life gives you more flexibility than you’d expect. As the gift giver, you can tailor your gift to what your friend or loved one enjoys most, or you can take a broader, more general approach with necessities that every nature lover needs and wants. Either way, you can’t go wrong. But to help you in your search, we’ve curated a list of what we think are the best gifts for adventurers.

1. Portable Grill

best gifts for adventurers

One of the best gifts for adventurers is a portable grill, so they can have a safe, hassle-free meal while in the wilderness.

One need that every adventurer has in common, regardless of what kind of activities they participate in is: they’ve got to eat. And there’s nothing quite like building up an appetite in the great outdoors. So, with this gift, they’ll be able to whip up a meal that fills them for the next leg of whatever journey they’re on.

The Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE is a particularly good brand. This rugged and highly portable gas grill puts out 20,000 BTUs across a surface big enough to prepare a small feast. There’s no need for a lighter or  matches because the Road Trip has an instant start button. Best of all, it folds up neatly and fits comfortably into the back of a truck or in a car trunk. You can also switch out griddle and grill surfaces.

2. High Quality Binoculars

A good set of binoculars is one of the most useful tools for outdoor trips that include trekking or wildlife watching. Whether plotting the best course up a tall cliff face or catching a glimpse of hidden animals, the Ohuhu 12×50 Waterproof Binocular is ready for any adventure. It has a high-density magnification that brings into focus a field of view covering nearly 300 feet at a distance of 1,000 yards. Additionally, it is coated with a sturdy rubber exterior, and being dust-proof, it can stand up to a good deal of wear and tear.

3. Phone Lamp

One of the cell phone’s handiest features is its flashlight. That just-bright-enough illumination is a quick and easy way to get out of the dark. And thanks to the Fred Travelamp Lantern Style Phone Diffuser, the light can help your friends see even in a poorly lit camp site. This lantern-shaped silicone attachment amplifies and focuses light, turning a cell phone into a handheld lamp capable of pointing the way into the wilderness.

4. Hammock

Some people avoid hammocks altogether because of the complicated setup. But what if you could clip up a hammock that could support the weight of two people without any hassle? That’s exactly what the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock offers. It can be set up in less than a minute, and it’s made for the adventuring lifestyle.

5. Travel-Inspired Decor

For the aesthetically-inclined, consider some travel-inspired ideas like a framed map of a hiking trail. It’s a personal gift that they can proudly display in their home or even carry along on hiking trips for quick reference.

6. Gift Card

What better gift to offer the adventurer in your life than a thrilling travel experience! With the gift card, travelers can choose activities in the city or in remote areas. All of which support a local cause, ranging from protecting animals, to preserving culture, and promoting education. It is a fool-proof gift that encourages your travel lover’s curiosity of the world.