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5 Hidden Gems in London

Year after year, London is one of the most visited tourist destinations. And with good reason: from Big Ben to Kensington Palace, there are an impressive number of attractions. In fact, the number of foreign visitors to London in the last 3 months of 2016 surpassed 19 million, a record for the city. While visiting popular tourist sites might be on your bucket list, opting to see London’s hidden gems offers something unique.

Why You Should Explore Unusual Places in London

Travel in general is becoming increasingly accessible to people all over the world. While it’s great that many are exploring different countries and cultures, one drawback of mass tourism is its impact on local culture and the environment.

However, experiencing off-the-beaten-path offerings in destinations as popular as London contributes to the local community and economy. This is one reliable way to travel responsibly and travel in a way that benefits locals.

So, here is a list of 5 secret London experiences you don’t want to miss!

Discover Hackney’s Hidden Gem for Vegans

This unique masterclass 5 minutes away from Stoke Newington Station offers a different culinary theme every time. From Gourmet Vegan Japanese to Raw Food, each class ends with a local, seasonal tasting. What’s more, in one of London’s best vegan cooking classes, you can bring treats home with you. Additionally, revenue is invested in programs that serve low-income families.


Take a unique masterclass, where you’ll learn how to cook a gourmet vegan Japanese meal

Travel Back in Time Through an Unusual Medieval Wine Tour

Led by historian Dr. Matthew Green, this wine tasting experience takes you back to 1390, before London was the metropolis it is today. Along the way, you will participate in a musical humiliation ritual, hear a variety of anecdotes, and drink wine in a tavern by the Thames.


Tour Camden’s Underground Artistic Scene

Delve into the creative history of Camden, and learn about the music and art scene of the borough. From Camden Town to Primrose Hill, this two-hour “tour of contrasts,” as one guide calls it, explores the rise of rock to the major British Pop artists of the 90s. Revenue from this underground Camden tour goes toward supporting the local guides, all of whom have been affected by homelessness. This hidden gem is a wonderful opportunity to make an impact during your stay.

Explore the underground artistic scene in Camden


Explore One of London’s Trendiest Neighborhoods

Walk around Shoreditch with the help of a tour guide, and discover hidden gems around the area. This tour, great for modern art connoisseurs and those interested in learning more, takes you to places unique to London. Among the exciting sights are examples of Banksy’s art and David Bailey’s photoshoot with The Beatles.


Visit A Secret Garden in the Middle of London

Like the name suggests, St. Mary’s Secret Garden is one of London’s best-kept secrets. The nonprofit that runs it hosts tours that give you the opportunity to interact with and relax in the garden . This hidden hangout in London is a great place to “calm the mind and stimulate the senses,” as one visitor says. There, you can even create your own seasonal jam or chutney to take home!


Additionally, your visit will help contribute to a great cause.  Proceeds help people recovering from health problems through gardening activities.


Explore hidden gems in London

By exploring these hidden gems in London, you’ll be giving yourself a truly unique experience. Additionally, you’ll be contributing to the local economy. And, by booking a tour with sustainable tourism companies like, you’ll also be helping to make the world a better place!

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