Employee-driven corporate social responsibility

Immersive. Impactful. Authentic.

Who we are

We are an international team hailing from all corners of the world, joined in our passion for social impact.

We are building the world's leading platform for employee-driven giving back. We help companies discover & book hundreds of highly vetted, carefully curated team experiences led by & benefitting local nonprofits and social ventures.

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Our Mission

To enhance great social organizations by facilitating mutually beneficial virtual and in-person interactions between people and communities around the world.


Michal Alter
Co-Founder and CEO
Gal Leibovich
Jonatas Hermann
Head Developer
Esther Diaz
Head of Org Recruitment
Émilie Couillard
Head of Org Engagement
Kelly Toy
Operations Manager
Kathy Yoo
Orgs Impact Manager
Pauline Lacanilao
Marketing & PR
Cristina Miranda
Head of Customer Relations
Zhazha Amor
Visual Editor
Pamela Jane Mendoza
Customer Relations
Tom Kedar
Corporate Impact Associate
Sara Oliveira
Darii Yar

Advisory Board

Violaine Pierre
Violaine Pierre
Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor
Tal Riesenfeld
Tal Riesenfeld
Co-Founder, Sunbit
Bruce Rosard
Bruce Rosard
Principal, UP211
Beth Dunlap
Beth Dunlap
Senior Transition Advisor, Usaid / Office of Transition Initiatives
Aditi Davray
Aditi Davray
Strategic Advancement Advisor
Gloria Basem
Gloria Basem
Chief People Officer, Mediamath